Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Zoo and Chocolate

On our trip north, the girls and I went with Dobbie to a local zoo in the morning.  It was drizzling so there weren't many people which we liked!
Visiting the Zoo
The girls go to see a kangaroo up close and personal. I think this was the highlight of the zoo trip for them.
Visiting the Zoo
Wink, wink!
Visiting the Zoo Visiting the Zoo Visiting the Zoo
After a quick lunch we headed to a local chocolate factory where we loaded the girls up on taffy. We got to take a tour of the factory to see how the chocolates are made. Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory
Don't you love our hair nets?
Chocolate Factory Chocolate Factory
Of course there was a free treat for each of us. Yum Yum! Chocolate Factory

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