Sunday, July 21, 2013

Staying at Gigi's

We spent the second half of our visit with Gigi.  We had a relaxing few days that were filled with visiting family and friends.  The girls got to swim (their favorite past-time now).  They played and played and played outside at Gigi's house.  There were so many mud cakes made and so many trips to the bathroom to clean up.  Their favorite thing...snuggling with Daisy. IMG_3163 IMG_3164 IMG_3235
Of course we had to have a bonfire one evening so there were roasted hot dogs and marshmallows galore.
Pumpkin had fun crinkling the papers up for the fire or maybe she's reading them? IMG_3167
There is always ice cream at Gigi's for a late night sugar rush. IMG_3171
The end came too soon. There's never enough time to see all of the people we want or need to see. But we had a beautiful time and are so glad we got to spend a week with the grandparents! IMG_3234

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