Sunday, July 07, 2013

Staying at D & P's

We are visiting grandparents this week.  I am currently laying in a bedroom with the girls as they try to go to bed.  They should be and are exhausted but sleep is evading them.  So I shall blog while I wait.  We arrived at Dobbie and Papa's around 1:30 a.m. Friday morning.  Daddy got to stay with us here until late Saturday afternoon.  He had to head home due to some commitments he has this week.  We have been baking, relaxing, playing, eating, laughing, and much more so far.
Making Cookies and Licking the Spoon Making Bread with Dobbie
We hit up some local fireworks our first night here and they were really great.

Fireworks with Dobbie and PapaFireworks with Dobbie and Papa
A really cool friend of mine told me about firecrackers that shoot off parachutes that the kids can chase down. I found some and they were a HIT. The girls LOVED it as did Daddy and Papa. Firecracker and Parachutes Firecracker and Parachutes Firecracker and Parachutes
Of course there were sparklers to be lit too. Peanut did them this year but Pumpkin was pretty nervous about those sparks.
We had to tell Daddy goodbye Saturday evening.  The girls and I have lots planned for our week away.  We will certainly miss Daddy though and wish he could be here with us.

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