Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Celebrating...

We partied all weekend for Peanut's birthday.  She invited a special buddy from church to come home with us and spend the night.  They had a lot of fun playing, especially building the new Lego sets Peanut got.
Birthday Girl
We went to our local library to see a movie on Friday afternoon then hit up a local ice cream shop for some treats. By the time bedtime rolled around, they were very sleepy girls. Birthday Girl
Gigi came to spend Saturday with us. We took him to the Farmer's Market. The girls got to get up close to some really beautiful work horses. Birthday Girl
We had to buy corn, basil, tomatoes, and peaches. The market was brimming with yummy things. Birthday Girl
For lunch Peanut picked to make homemade pizza. Each girl got to make their own little pizza. They had fun "decorating" their pizzas and making them perfect.

Birthday Girl
We opened presents next. Peanut hit the jack-pot, for sure. She got some gift cards which she was really excited about. She also received the Lego Friends Pool which she was really hoping for.Birthday Girl
She also had a really special note in her birthday card from Daddy and I. She found out that she was going to be able to get her ears pierced! This thrilled her.

Birthday Girl
Gigi and the girls made the best homemade ice cream together. That is one of our fave summer treats! Birthday Girl
Peanut wanted a swimming theme for her birthday so she got a little swimmer girl cake for her 7th birthday. This was so easy to make. I almost felt like she got a bit gipped. Ha! She loved it so that is certainly what matters.
Birthday Girl Birthday Girl
We had a great day celebrating with Gigi. We are so thankful he could come down and celebrate with us.
Birthday Girl Birthday Girl Birthday Girl

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