Sunday, July 07, 2013

4th of July Fireworks

We were going to stay and watch fireworks nearby home this year with some friends but that fell through so we decided to start our trek north instead of waiting till the next day.  We stopped in our state capital to watch fireworks that were shot off of a building downtown.
Fireworks in Downtown Indy
I have to admit that I was really excited.  I mean it was the state capital.  I thought it would be a really awesome show but the small town shows that I grew up with proved to top this one.  I think it had to do with us being far away from the actual fireworks instead of directly under them.  It was still really cool though to be downtown.
Fireworks in Downtown Indy
And here is the staged one.  "Pretend you're still watching the fireworks!"
Fireworks in Downtown Indy
We jumped on the interstate and continued our journey to our first stop at Dobbie and Papa's.

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