Friday, June 28, 2013

Swim Lessons 2013

So swim lessons....the thought of them made me very anxious after last year's drama.  That drama when Pumpkin threw the world's worst fit the first two days because she wanted nothing to do with them.  The kind of fit where you will the earth to open up and swallow you whole because EVERY EYE IS ON YOU while your kid is screaming her lungs out.  Parenting is so fun sometimes.

So this year I was praying and hoping that things would be different and THEY WERE!  Peanut obviously could NOT wait.  She loves swim lessons.  Pumpkin told me repeatedly that she was going to do it too and do it, she DID!
She did so well in fact that her instructor was floored that she hadn't had lessons before. After every lesson she would go on and on with how well Pumpkin was doing. IMG_2869
She even mastered putting her head in the water!
IMG_2884 IMG_2888 IMG_2889
She mastered Level 1 and will go on to Level 2 next year.

Peanut...well, she is part fish, I do believe. She has had no fear of the water and loves to swim. For the two weeks of classes she would ask when would they get to dive off of the high springboard. The last night was the night.
IMG_2851 IMG_2831
She is so happy in the water. Check out that face. IMG_2835
Level 3 is really hard to pass as you have to master several types of strokes so she will do it again next summer and we are all ok with that. Her buddies that were in the class with her will be doing it again too.
Swim Lessons 2013... A GREAT SUCCESS!

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