Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bubble Snakes and Water Fights

Yesterday after the sun was hiding on the other side of our apartment, we were able to get outside and play.  It was still pretty hot.  The girls got to make bubble snakes.  I found the idea HERE.  It worked pretty well except that it was a bit too windy.  The bubbles kept blowing off of the end of the bottle.  The girls thought it was really cool though.
Bubble Snakes Bubble Snakes Bubble Snakes
I got the girls' water guns out so they could have a water fight to cool off. They had a blast. And yes, those are dress-up clothes that they are wearing! Water Fight Water Fight
We ended our day with a visit to the library bookmobile that comes to our complex every week.  We always forget to go so it was a treat for the girls.  The bookmobile is a big green box truck full of books and movies that we can check out.  It's like a library on wheels.

Summer is equalling fun days around here!  I hope it is for you too.

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