Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Adventure Downtown

One of our summer adventures was to ride the city bus. There is a bus stop just outside our door and around the corner. In all of my time here I still hadn't ridden the bus. Daddy needed the van on Saturday so it worked out perfectly for us to do it then. I realized at 9:30 though that the bus was coming at 9:38. In those 8 minutes, the girls got shoes and coats on, I dried my hair and finished getting ready, grabbed snacks, umbrellas (it was raining), and we booked it to the bus stop. The girls were SO excited. I was nicely surprised at how easy it was and CHEAP. With gas prices skyrocketing again, I can see us doing this more often.
Riding the City Bus
We went to the library to see a preview of a Charlotte's Web play that a local production company is doing here in town. It was super cute!  Next we had some pizza a local pizza shop. YUM! Pizza Downtown
We were going to head to the university's observatory to see the sun but thanks to a very cloudy, rainy day that was canceled. We headed back to the library where some friends met up with us. We hung out for 4 hours at the library. You know your library is great when your kids don't complain or even ask to leave after 4 hours. It was great for me and my friend to just hang out and talk too. We needed that. It was a really great day!

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