Saturday, June 08, 2013

A Worm Hotel

Yesterday the girls and I did another thing on our summer list.  We made a worm hotel.  Now before I tell you about that, let me just clarify that it is not all June Cleaver over here!  I mean really.  This blog is for my girls.  So one day they can look back and see all the things we did, all the memories we made.  I fail to mention the times when I totally lose my patience and lose it.  I fail to mention the time our apartment is so cluttered but I just don't have it in me to clean up.  And that pile of laundry, it's still by the dryer.  It's clean but it's in a pile.  And my attitude was a little rotten last night towards Hubby. June Cleaver!  Seriously, I made that summer list so it would keep me accountable to make fun with my kids.  Summer will be over before we know it and I don't want to look back and say, "I wish we had done more together."

So on to the Worm Hotel.  I pinned this little activity because I have two little girls who are fascinated by worms.  It was really fun and so easy.  We filled our bottle with soil and sand.
Worm Hotel Worm Hotel Worm Hotel
Then we dug for worms. We found so many in our flower bed out front. They were little so we put quite a few in the worm hotel. Worm Hotel Worm Hotel
The girls want to be sure they know which is worm belongs to which girl.  Um, yeah...probably not going to happen.  Peanut was sure the worms kept pooping on her.  She even said, "'s worm diarrhea!"  Oh my!  After I told her about the benefits of worm poop, she was ok with it.  ;)
Worm Hotel Worm Hotel
So here is the newest addition to our home.  How much do you charge for a worm to stay in your worm hotel?  The girls think we should keep them forever.  Um...probably not going to happen either!
Worm Hotel
We can lift the black tube up and you can see where the worms are tunneling down into the sand and dirt.  This really is cool.  We fed them some cornmeal.  Here's to hoping they don't escape and we awake to bandit worms crawling all over the floor.  ;)

I got the idea from HERE.  You really need to do this one, people.  So cheap and so easy and so fun!

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Joy ☺ said...

You will always be June Cleaver to me. Our summer is 2 weeks in and Dawson has played Wii and watched movies. I love that you create such awesome memories with your girlies!