Friday, June 28, 2013

Swim Lessons 2013

So swim lessons....the thought of them made me very anxious after last year's drama.  That drama when Pumpkin threw the world's worst fit the first two days because she wanted nothing to do with them.  The kind of fit where you will the earth to open up and swallow you whole because EVERY EYE IS ON YOU while your kid is screaming her lungs out.  Parenting is so fun sometimes.

So this year I was praying and hoping that things would be different and THEY WERE!  Peanut obviously could NOT wait.  She loves swim lessons.  Pumpkin told me repeatedly that she was going to do it too and do it, she DID!
She did so well in fact that her instructor was floored that she hadn't had lessons before. After every lesson she would go on and on with how well Pumpkin was doing. IMG_2869
She even mastered putting her head in the water!
IMG_2884 IMG_2888 IMG_2889
She mastered Level 1 and will go on to Level 2 next year.

Peanut...well, she is part fish, I do believe. She has had no fear of the water and loves to swim. For the two weeks of classes she would ask when would they get to dive off of the high springboard. The last night was the night.
IMG_2851 IMG_2831
She is so happy in the water. Check out that face. IMG_2835
Level 3 is really hard to pass as you have to master several types of strokes so she will do it again next summer and we are all ok with that. Her buddies that were in the class with her will be doing it again too.
Swim Lessons 2013... A GREAT SUCCESS!

Whirlwind Trip

Last weekend we made a whirlwind trip north to see family.  I had a very important baby shower to attend and moved mountains to get up there for it.

We spent a night with Gigi and a night with Dobbie and Papa.  The girls had a lot of fun just being outside, exploring, and getting dirty. What better way to get muddy than in your pajamas? IMG_2771 IMG_2774
While we were there Mimi's rose bush which has not bloomed for years was in full bloom! We had to get a picture of that. I don't remember it ever having this many roses on it! IMG_2777 IMG_2783
At Dobbie and Papa's the girls got a huge kick out of their chickens. IMG_2798 IMG_2801
Pumpkin and her infamous "B"! It goes everywhere with us. IMG_2809
If you ask her to do rocket arms right now, this is what you will behold and quickly all thanks to swim lessons.
This is the reason why we made this quick trip...for this radiant Mommy and this belly!!!!! IMG_2787
This sweet girl has a VERY special place in my heart and she is pregnant with a precious little girl that we get to meet in August. After struggling with infertility for 3 years, this is amazing, awesome, and so well deserved! Love these girls! IMG_2791
We will be back up north soon and for a more relaxed visit. But for now... IMG_2784

Chasing Balloons

The girls have had swim lessons for the past two weeks.  During the first week one night as we were leaving, we saw some hot air balloons in the sky.  It didn't take much persuading from the girls to have me "follow" the balloons so we could get a closer look and possibly watch them land.

We did in fact get to watch them come down.  Very cool!
We watched as they let the balloon fall over and how they get all of the air out of it. The man who was in charge even invited the girls to come over and touch the balloon as it was deflating. They thought he was really nice for that.
So guess who wants to go up in a hot air balloon now!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Camping Season is Here

We finally were able to take the girls camping this past weekend.  They have been begging since it started warming up.  They love it so much!  We had a lot of fun even though it was a quick camping trip.  Here are some pictures from our little trip.
I got a bit more creative in my camping meals. This time we had chicken kebobs cooked over the fire for a supper and bacon and eggs for breakfast over the fire. Bacon cooked over a camp! YUM!
Playing in the stream won out over the swimming pool! Love that! Camping
We keep ending up at the same state park when we camp but can you blame us? It is beautiful! Camping Camping
Camping Camping
If she would keep a clip in her hair she wouldn't have to walk around like this all of the time. Camping
I haven't had a tick on me since I was a little girl. That tick free spree is over! I had one attached to my scalp. GROSS! Oh they give me the willies. Thankfully the girls didn't have any. I have heard this year that ticks are horrible. YUCK!
We had a great time and can't wait to take another camping trip.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Pumpkin's got her own style.  I love that about her!
IMG_1201 P6113546 P6113547
Where does she get it from? Haha! P6103542

Let's Fly a Kite

The girls are doing our library's summer reading program.  They have a chart to fill out and get points for reading books, going to library programs, and doing some activities at the library.  They get a prize for every 5 points they earn.  The first prize was a kite.  This afternoon we went over to the school playground to try it out since it was pretty windy.  We met up with some of our good friends to try our hands at kite flying.  They had a ball trying to get their kites to fly.  We'll just leave it at...we need to master this skill a bit better and probably have a better quality kite.

Let's Fly a Kite Let's Fly a Kite Let's Fly a Kite
This was a great end to a really great day.  We spent the morning at the playground with our church's mom's group for a play date and our buddies from kite flying were there which really surprised us.  We took it as a sign that we were supposed to eat lunch together which we did at a really yummy ethnic restaurant downtown.  Then the girls and I ran some errands and hung out at the library where we met up with Daddy who took us out for supper!  How much better can a day get?  To top it off the weather was AMAZING much cooler than yesterday.  We just love days like this!

Bubble Snakes and Water Fights

Yesterday after the sun was hiding on the other side of our apartment, we were able to get outside and play.  It was still pretty hot.  The girls got to make bubble snakes.  I found the idea HERE.  It worked pretty well except that it was a bit too windy.  The bubbles kept blowing off of the end of the bottle.  The girls thought it was really cool though.
Bubble Snakes Bubble Snakes Bubble Snakes
I got the girls' water guns out so they could have a water fight to cool off. They had a blast. And yes, those are dress-up clothes that they are wearing! Water Fight Water Fight
We ended our day with a visit to the library bookmobile that comes to our complex every week.  We always forget to go so it was a treat for the girls.  The bookmobile is a big green box truck full of books and movies that we can check out.  It's like a library on wheels.

Summer is equalling fun days around here!  I hope it is for you too.

Touch-a-Truck 2013

Yesterday the girls and I went to our town's Touch-a-Truck event.  It is a lot of fun.  The big unfortunate thing was that yesterday was one of the hottest days we've had yet.  We have had really cool and awesome weather but yesterday was just....YUCK!  The first 30 minutes the sun was under a thick cloud covering and there was a breeze.  Then the clouds parted, the breeze stopped, and YUCK!  We made it maybe another 30 minutes then we were all very ready to leave.
Touch a Truck 2013 Touch a Truck 2013
Touch-a-Truck is put on by our fabulous parks department.  Just about any vehicle that you can think of that you would see in the city is there for the kids to explore. We even got to watch the medical helicopter fly overhead and land in a baseball field. VERY cool. The kids LOVED seeing it up close. Touch a Truck 2013 Touch a Truck 2013 Touch a Truck 2013
 Many of our buddies from our church's mom's group were there so we got to explore with them which made it even better.
Touch a Truck 2013
Touch a Truck 2013
Vroom! Vroom!