Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toothless Wonder

She lost her first tooth finally!  We discovered it was loose at her dental appointment this past February.  That tooth just hung on and on.  It was SUPER loose on Monday after she got home from school.  That night I put the girls to bed and then heard a SCREAM!  I ran upstairs to an excited, "My tooth fell out!"  So I ran back downstairs for the camera.  :)
She Lost her FIRST Tooth!
Daddy wasn't home so a phone call had to be made! She Lost her FIRST Tooth!
We questioned her about the tooth fairy to see what she already knew and to be sure the tooth fairy treated her the same. The tooth fairy brings a present for the first tooth and then money for teeth after. Peanut tucked her tooth into her sweet little tooth fairy pillow made for us by a special friend and went off to dreamland. The next morning she found a present and note and was OVER THE MOON. IMG_2310
I LOVE that even at almost 7 years old, she has the innocence to believe in things like tooth fairies!  She also requested that I continue to call her the Toothless Wonder now.

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