Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Day of Kindergarten

Her last day of all day Kindergarten has come and gone!  Here she is on her first day and then on her last day.
First Day of All Day Kindergarten Last Day of Kindergarten
They had a fun program to celebrate the kindergarteners accomplishments from the year. They sang some really fun songs and I found myself crying! My baby is done with kindergarten and going to first grade. How did that happen? We are SOOOO proud of her!

Each student was able to tell what they wanted to be when they grown up. Earlier in the week she asked, "So what is a baby doctor really called?" "Do you mean an obstetrician?" She tried to work on that big word and when I discovered she wanted to say it in the program, I told her she could just say O.B. doctor.

 Here are some pictures from her last day as a kindergartener.
Last Day of Kindergarten Last Day of Kindergarten
 We made Crockpot Chocolate Candy to pass out to her teacher, principal, reading buddy, and the crossing guard. She also made a special picture for each person. The one she made for the crossing guard absolutely melted my heart! He was a wonderful guy that we were so thankful to have each morning and afternoon when she crossed the street. Last Day of Kindergarten
She had some surprises waiting for her at home after school. There was a big sign on our door and bag full of summer fun goodies! I love that Target dollar section! They got kites, bubbles, glow sticks, camping utensils, marshmallows, sparklers, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, water guns, and so on.

Last Day of KindergartenLast Day of Kindergarten
Now on to summer. My girls are home and we can cruise the town and have fun! Here is our summer fun list of things we want to do. There is so much more but you can only put so much on one poster board!  It's also good for me to have a visual reminder that it's summer...have fun!  School starts back up on August 7 for Peanut so summer will FLY by!!!!
Last Day of Kindergarten

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