Sunday, May 05, 2013

Hair Cuts

In case you didn't know Great Clips is having their big $6.99 hair cut sale.  This means the kids get hair cuts!  Both of the girls had been begging to get their hair cut.  This is old hat for Peanut since she had her hair cut really short last year and donated to Locks of Love.  Her hair was trimmed in the fall but had grown to past her shoulders.  Pumpkin on the other hand has never had her hair cut.  I have to tell you this was REALLY hard for me.  Her hair was all the way to her bottom and gorgeous.  We get comments about her hair ALL OF THE TIME.  I mean look at it!

Hair Cuts Hair Cuts

Daddy told me that since she really wanted to get it cut, it was time. BUT Saturday morning came and he got wind that she wanted it cut short. He promptly came downstairs and talked her into having just a few inches cut off. I thought that was pretty cute. He wasn't ready either for those long golden locks to be chopped off. We all agreed except for Peanut who still wanted her sister to have short hair. We told her that next year when she is 5 we can get it cut short since that is how old Peanut was when she got her hair chopped off. By then it should be long enough to donate to Locks of Love.

Hair Cuts Hair Cuts

Pumpkin who LOVES Tangled the Disney movie about Rapunzel thought that since Rapunzel's hair turns brown when it is cut in the movie, that her own hair would turn brown when it was cut. 

Hair Cuts Hair Cuts

She had about 4 inches taken off of the bottom and some layers added in. It doesn't look that much different just a bit shorter. The stylist got quite a kick out of her because she just sat in her chair like she had done this a million times before. She was very serious, chomping away on her gum. Hair Cuts
Peanut got an angled bob which is ADORABLE. It's what she had done a year ago and we all loved it. She wears it well.  Here they are from the back after hair cuts and making their own personal pizzas.
Hair CutsHair Cuts Hair Cuts

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