Sunday, May 12, 2013

Funny Girl

Spring Pics
Pumpkin tries to get out of finishing her supper by saying her tummy hurts then immediately asks, "Can I have candy now?" Friday she was trying to get out of eating her strawberries with this new excuse, "I can't eat them because my boo boos hurt." (I'll let you figure out what she calls boo boos, think chest.) 

Last week Pumpkin told me: "Do you bemember when I made your hair turn gray? You're not even a grandma!"

 "Mommy, can you put a clip in my hair so my hair doesn't get in my brain?"

 "Did God put glue on us so we'd stick together?"

 Scenario: The girls have quite a collection of little plastic animals (the ones you can buy at the farm stores) and added 3 new ones to their collection today. They have been playing with them all afternoon. Pumpkin: "Do you like my pokey-pine?" (Translation: porcupine which is actually a hedgehog)

Daddy and I were watching the news and the reporter said, "We're not sure if it is booby-trapped." Pumpkin giggled and said, "He said booby!"

11:11 p.m. - From the top of the stairs,"Mommy, is Dr. Seuss a doctor?" Oh's going to be a long day tomorrow. At this stage of my life, I do not like napping children anymore due to the late night consequences.

Pumpkin wanted to go outside and watch the man who is mowing out front. I told her she couldn't to which she replied, "Because you don't want him to mow my hair." ;)

Me: "Only a sip of that pop because it has caffeine in it." Pumpkin: "Bemember it gives us power!"

Pumpkin: "Mommy, is this Star Wars?" Me: "No Honey. This is Starbucks."

Pumpkin (pretending to be a Mommy today): "I'm going to the doctor's to get my new baby. They mailed it to me." ;)

Pumpkin: Mommy, why do you have that stuff on your hair? Me: I am coloring it because I have a few gray hairs. (UGH!) Pumpkin: I gave you those, didn't I? ;)

Me: "Do you know you'll always be my baby, even when you are all grown up?" Pumpkin: "When I'm all growed up, my Rapunzel dress won't fit me anymore. I'll have to get a bigger one." She's so sentimental. Ha!

Crazy Dreams: Pumpkin ended up in our bed this morning. In her sleep I heard her say emphatically, "But the little dragons are the same!" idea what!

Me: "What do you think Daddy would like for his birthday?" Pumpkin: "Alive Baby that pees." Me: "I think you are picking something that you want."

Pumpkin: "But it would be a boy one for Daddy." "I'm not going to have kids because I am going to be the grandma to Sissy's kids someday."

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Joy ☺ said...

That kid is awesome and so stinking funny!! You have your hands full (in a good way of course). :) I've gotta go because my boo boo's hurt.