Thursday, May 30, 2013

Days of Summer

We have been playing, playing, playing.  The days are filled from morning to evening.  I love that.  I wish I could say it is bliss all day long but there are fights, selfishness, and tears intermixed with fun memory making.  That's life.  The counter is full of dishes that need to be washed.  The laundry is usually done but almost always needs folded.  Sometimes Pinterest and Facebook do win out over quality time but I'm trying to focus on my kids, the here and the now right now.  Fall will come all too soon with first grade for Peanut and preschool for Pumpkin and a full-time job here in town (praying hard) for Daddy and who knows what for me.  So we enjoy all aspects of life.
IMG_2504 IMG_2515
Yesterday and today we have had buddies over while their mamas were working. We love having buddies over. The days usually go so much more smoothly when their are other little people around. We rode bikes, made lots of sidewalk chalk paint, ate popsicles, blew many bubbles. We LOVE Fubbles Bubble wands right now. They make so many bubble to chase after. Today we also ventured into a science experiment for our science loving buddy. We did the vinegar/baking soda experiment except we put it into a ziploc bag to see what would happen. Idea and directions came from HERE. IMG_2526 IMG_2531
And Peanut got baby time with this adorable little guy.  We just love him!  I mean really...too much cuteness in that picture!

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