Thursday, May 30, 2013

Days of Summer

We have been playing, playing, playing.  The days are filled from morning to evening.  I love that.  I wish I could say it is bliss all day long but there are fights, selfishness, and tears intermixed with fun memory making.  That's life.  The counter is full of dishes that need to be washed.  The laundry is usually done but almost always needs folded.  Sometimes Pinterest and Facebook do win out over quality time but I'm trying to focus on my kids, the here and the now right now.  Fall will come all too soon with first grade for Peanut and preschool for Pumpkin and a full-time job here in town (praying hard) for Daddy and who knows what for me.  So we enjoy all aspects of life.
IMG_2504 IMG_2515
Yesterday and today we have had buddies over while their mamas were working. We love having buddies over. The days usually go so much more smoothly when their are other little people around. We rode bikes, made lots of sidewalk chalk paint, ate popsicles, blew many bubbles. We LOVE Fubbles Bubble wands right now. They make so many bubble to chase after. Today we also ventured into a science experiment for our science loving buddy. We did the vinegar/baking soda experiment except we put it into a ziploc bag to see what would happen. Idea and directions came from HERE. IMG_2526 IMG_2531
And Peanut got baby time with this adorable little guy.  We just love him!  I mean really...too much cuteness in that picture!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Peanut loves to draw and do art so yesterday we did some fun drawing activities that I had found on Pinterest.  They turned out so cute and we had a lot of fun.
IMG_2488 IMG_2492
This idea can be found HERE:
IMG_2489 IMG_2491
And this drawing prompt activity can be found HERE: IMG_2494
We ended our day with learning "Miss Mary Mack", going to the playground, and having a water balloon toss with Daddy!  A sweet and fun day on Peanut's first official day off!

Summer Fun is Underway

On Monday after Gigi headed home the girls, some friends, and I headed to the splash pad.  It was on the chilly side so there weren't many other kids there.  This was awesome because there were no accidents of running into other kids and scraping knees on the concrete.  The girls were THRILLED to run through the water and get all wet!  We love our splash pad so much but our town definitely needs some more!
IMG_2485 IMG_2483 IMG_2481
(Thanks Dobbie for the CUTE swimsuits!)


We have a new member in our family.  Her name is Daisy and she belongs to Gigi.  They surprised us and came for a visit on Sunday and Monday.  The girls fell head over heels for her.
She and two other Jack Russells were dumped near my aunt's house.  Two of the dogs were taken by the Humane Society but Daisy couldn't be caught.  My aunt was able to get her by feeding her.  Gigi had a Jack Russell that ran away right after we moved so he is now the proud owner of another.  She is a very sweet and VERY timid dog.
Thanks for coming Gigi!!!! It really meant a lot to us. Thanks for fixing our washing machine too. SOOOOO grateful.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Graduating Cousins

Saturday we took a long drive for a special of our nieces graduated from high school.  Actually two of them will be graduates after this next weekend.  The oldest one was staying with her grandparents for the year and graduated from the same high school that her mom graduated from 20 years ago.  Her sister who is only 11 months younger (yes, you read that right!) will be graduating from a southern high school this coming Saturday.  We are so, so, so proud of them and so happy we could be there for their open house and at least one graduation.

These girls were the flower girls in our wedding 15 years ago on May 23.  They were absolutely precious that day in their dresses made by Dobbie (she made my dress also).
Here they are 15 years later as high school graduates. Nieces
We had a wonderful time seeing Daddy's side of the family. We don't get to see them often since we are all spread out. I think we all say, "I wish we lived closer," a few times when we are together. We all get along and we always have a great time. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Here we all are except for one of us!  That's pretty good!
 Cousins Graduating
This is Daddy's brother and his great family.
Cousins Graduating
Here are all of the cousins together. Aren't they a good looking bunch?
Cousins Graduating
The three younger cousins idolize the only boy cousin.  They attack him when they see him and he LOVES it.  He plays and plays and teases and teases them.  He made this picture below his Facebook profile pic.  I mean, really?  What a sweet guy.  I don't know alot of teenage boys that would do that.
Cousins Graduating Cousins Graduating
The girls ALWAYS look forward to seeing their uncle.  They have a special place in his heart, I do believe.
Cousins Graduating
And...the three musketeers!
Cousins Graduating
We had a wonderful day together!  We are so blessed!

Last Day of Kindergarten

Her last day of all day Kindergarten has come and gone!  Here she is on her first day and then on her last day.
First Day of All Day Kindergarten Last Day of Kindergarten
They had a fun program to celebrate the kindergarteners accomplishments from the year. They sang some really fun songs and I found myself crying! My baby is done with kindergarten and going to first grade. How did that happen? We are SOOOO proud of her!

Each student was able to tell what they wanted to be when they grown up. Earlier in the week she asked, "So what is a baby doctor really called?" "Do you mean an obstetrician?" She tried to work on that big word and when I discovered she wanted to say it in the program, I told her she could just say O.B. doctor.

 Here are some pictures from her last day as a kindergartener.
Last Day of Kindergarten Last Day of Kindergarten
 We made Crockpot Chocolate Candy to pass out to her teacher, principal, reading buddy, and the crossing guard. She also made a special picture for each person. The one she made for the crossing guard absolutely melted my heart! He was a wonderful guy that we were so thankful to have each morning and afternoon when she crossed the street. Last Day of Kindergarten
She had some surprises waiting for her at home after school. There was a big sign on our door and bag full of summer fun goodies! I love that Target dollar section! They got kites, bubbles, glow sticks, camping utensils, marshmallows, sparklers, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, water guns, and so on.

Last Day of KindergartenLast Day of Kindergarten
Now on to summer. My girls are home and we can cruise the town and have fun! Here is our summer fun list of things we want to do. There is so much more but you can only put so much on one poster board!  It's also good for me to have a visual reminder that it's summer...have fun!  School starts back up on August 7 for Peanut so summer will FLY by!!!!
Last Day of Kindergarten

15 Years Ago

Fifteen years ago on May 23 this happened:
We celebrated by going to our favorite restaurant in town, hitting the library, then coffee at a local coffee shop.
Happy Anniversary - 15 Years
Our kiddos were with their close buddies and made us an anniversary banner and cake! Wasn't that so sweet?
Fifteen years! It's been good. It's been bad. It's been ugly. But most importantly it has been filled with beautiful, life changing moments. I'm so very thankful we're in this for the long haul even when the days are rough. Here's to many more!

Monday, May 27, 2013

First Tooth Lost Video

I forgot to add a video from Peanut losing her first tooth.  So cute!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toothless Wonder

She lost her first tooth finally!  We discovered it was loose at her dental appointment this past February.  That tooth just hung on and on.  It was SUPER loose on Monday after she got home from school.  That night I put the girls to bed and then heard a SCREAM!  I ran upstairs to an excited, "My tooth fell out!"  So I ran back downstairs for the camera.  :)
She Lost her FIRST Tooth!
Daddy wasn't home so a phone call had to be made! She Lost her FIRST Tooth!
We questioned her about the tooth fairy to see what she already knew and to be sure the tooth fairy treated her the same. The tooth fairy brings a present for the first tooth and then money for teeth after. Peanut tucked her tooth into her sweet little tooth fairy pillow made for us by a special friend and went off to dreamland. The next morning she found a present and note and was OVER THE MOON. IMG_2310
I LOVE that even at almost 7 years old, she has the innocence to believe in things like tooth fairies!  She also requested that I continue to call her the Toothless Wonder now.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Marble Run

The girls and I got our marble maze toy this past week.  I don't think we've had it out since we lived up north.  They had so much fun building and letting the marbles go.  Good memories!


One of the cemeteries here in is owned by the local parks department.  Every spring it blooms into a SEA of peonies.  Pictures do it NO justice.  It is breathtaking.  The girls and I checked it out last week because I can not pass up a peony.  Talk about scent and beauty!  Wow!
Peonies Peonies Peonies Peonies Peonies Peonies Peonies Peonies

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

The girls and I had a Saturday just at home last week.  We played all day.  Bikes were rode, bubbles were blown, popsicles eaten, and so much more.  We even made sidewalk chalk paint which was really easy, cheap, and fun!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint
You just mix 1/2 c. water with 1/4 c. cornstarch and a few drops of food coloring.  Mix it up and paint. I personally loved it because I can't stand the feel or sound of chalk.  So it was perfect for Mommy!
Sidewalk Chalk Paint
The pictures were really vibrant and when it rained, they completely washed away! Sidewalk Chalk Paint