Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Friday night after the school carnival the girls had to go with me to our church. I am on the mom's group committee and had to help set up for a Baby Item Sale to take place the next day. On the way I returned a phone call to one of my friends. When she found out I was taking the girls with me she said, "I am headed home. Meet me at AutoZone and I will take your girls home so they can play and you can actually get your work done." How awesome is that? She even topped that by calling me a half hour later and said, "The girls want to just spend the night. I am watching them for you tomorrow anyways so that would just make it easier for everyone. Is that ok with you?" YES! So Peanut and Pumpkin got to have a sleep-over with their buddies. This was Pumpkin's first sleep-over at a friend's house. She had a blast!

Sleepover Sleepover Sleepover Sleepover

What do you think? Did they have fun? I was told the last one finally fell asleep at 11:30 and that was Peanut!

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