Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Warm Spring Day

Last Saturday was beautiful.  I watched a friends' boys for her and her husband during the day so they could work on moving into a new home.  The kids and I walked to a park and they played and played outside.  It was glorious!  They even got warm enough to take off jackets. P3233154 P3233151
That evening we spent with some other friends playing outside even more.  After lots of play and supper we headed to a local ice cream shop for pajama day. The kids wore their pajamas and got a free waffle cone FULL of ice cream. The pick for most of them was Cotton Candy ice cream which was full of pop rocks candy. Can you believe that my little girls at the whole thing? I couldn't! P3233158
That beautiful day full of playing outside and a trip for ice cream really got us in the spring mood but alas, Mother Nature had something different in mind for us over the course of the next few days.  More on that to come later.

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