Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break was two weeks ago already.  How does that happen?  Time just keeps going on and on.  We spent half of our week with Gigi and the other half with Dobbie and Papa.  We saw alot of friends and family and spent time relaxing.  It was a really good week. Here are some pictures from our time away.

There was snow which the smallest ones in our family were excited about. Spring Break 2013 Spring Break 2013 P3143139
The girls had some sewing lessons. Spring Break 2013 Spring Break 2013
Peanut learned how to play Battleship and beat Daddy.
Spring Break 2013
Dobbie remembered what it was like to "try" to go to the bathroom by yourself with small children around. The girls sat outside the door talking to her and sticking their toes and fingers under the door.
We are so thankful for a restful week.

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