Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Palm Sunday

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday. The girls were very excited to be a part of the worship service at church. All of the kids 3 and up got to wave palm branches during worship in both services. I wasn't sure how Pumpkin would do in front of all of those people but she was great. She beamed with a smile full of joy and proudly waved her palm branch. Peanut who loves being in front of a crowd did wonderful also.
  Palm Sunday 2013
During the second service we sang "Hosanna". The words to this verse really struck me: "I see a generation Rising up to take the place With selfless faith, selfless faith. Hosanna, hosanna Hosanna in the highest!" How awesome are those words? Imagine the stage being full of children praising God while singing that. Incredible!
Palm Sunday 2013
"Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!" Matthew 21:9b

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