Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day with some friends a few days before Valentine's Day.  The girls and I made some fun valentines to give to the friends at the party. IMG_1609
I "mustache" you a question...will you be my valentine? I "mustache" you a question!  Will you be my Valentine?
We had a lot of fun with these little friends at our Valentine's Day party. The kids exchanged valentines, ate snacks, and played together.
Check out this cute little valentine in her valentine outfit. IMG_1592
It was a good thing we had this fun party a few days before the actual holiday because Peanut ended up getting sick with a fever and missed two days of school which meant she missed her school party. We made the best of it. We had a few special packages from grandparents that came in the mail to open and the girls got a small gift from Daddy and I. That night we made personal sized heart pizzas for supper. IMG_1602 IMG_1607 Peanut also made this really cool Valentine guy all on her own! I thought he was super cute! IMG_1622
Daddy and I got to go out on the weekend to have a Valentine's date.  We got to see Lincoln finally and have a quiet late lunch - early supper, just the two of us.

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