Monday, February 25, 2013

My Girl

A few weeks ago I was gone for the evening.  When I came home, I discovered these little post-it notes all over our apartment.  Peanut had decided she wanted to do something special for me, so she wrote love notes with arrows for a scavenger hunt.  The hunt ended with a beautiful princess picture that she had colored for me.  This was so special and really made me feel loved!
She has been working hard on reading and learning sight words. This hasn't come easy for her but she works hard. We have a set of Bob books and they have really helped her with sounding out words and build her confidence when it comes to reading. Pumpkin is right in there with her trying to do it too. IMG_1631
I received this picture from her teacher last week with the sentence, "I was impressed!" Peanut built the marshmallow toothpick sculpture all by herself.

Last week Peanut came home one evening to tell us that a boy in her class had an accident during class. She said everyone in her class started laughing at him and he got really mad. She continued to tell us that she didn't laugh or smile because she felt bad for him. He saw that and it made him feel better. THIS GIRL! She has a heart for people even at the young age of 6! We were so proud of her!

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