Monday, February 25, 2013

Maple Syrup Festival

On Saturday we loaded up in the van and headed an hour or so south of her to a maple syrup festival.  The weather cooperated and it actually was a very pretty day.  I ADORE little festivals like this and being with my family.  It was a splendid afternoon.  We went with some special little friends and that made it even better.  The kiddos went on a scavenger hunt to find things like pinecones, leaves, nuts, and rocks.  After they collected their goods, they each received a bag of maple syrup cotton candy which was a huge hit!
The kids got to see a teepee and how Native Americans made maple syrup. They hollowed out a log, lined it with pine sap, filled it with the maple tree sap, then put very hot granite rocks in the sap to create the syrup. Very cool!
Daddy and Peanut tried to cut through a log with this old time saw. Peanut didn't get very far so Daddy and I finished. We concluded that those men had some crazy strong muscles after cutting through trees all day long with saws like this one.
The girls were able to have the "log cookie" branded with a maple tree leaf to remember our special day.
The coolest thing at the festival was this old fashioned merry-go-round. The kids LOVED it. They got to spin around and it went up and down. There were loud fits of giggles from this! IMG_1656 IMG_1670 IMG_1675
The kiddos fed a mini llama. Check out those grins! IMG_1681
We ended our visit in a special kid area where they got to play dress up with pioneer clothes, do some arts and crafts, and make a candle!
IMG_1691 IMG_1694
We left with happy hearts and our memory tanks filled, oh...and of course some maple syrup and more maple syrup cotton candy!

Piano Lessons

For Christmas Pumpkin received gymnastics lessons from Gigi and Peanut got piano lessons.  A few months ago, I discovered that the youth pastor that I grew up with at my home church had moved here to our town with his wife.  I was so excited because they are both wonderful people and I hadn't seen them in years.  His wife and I reconnected and have been in touch.  She is a fabulous pianist so I approached her about the possibility of her giving Peanut lessons to which she agreed.  PERFECT!   IMG_1613
We have had two lessons so far and she is amazing with Peanut, so patient and so encouraging.  It is a great scenario for our family.  Peanut loves it so far and asks to practice which is awesome!  I'm so very thankful that she is getting lessons and learning to play.

My Girl

A few weeks ago I was gone for the evening.  When I came home, I discovered these little post-it notes all over our apartment.  Peanut had decided she wanted to do something special for me, so she wrote love notes with arrows for a scavenger hunt.  The hunt ended with a beautiful princess picture that she had colored for me.  This was so special and really made me feel loved!
She has been working hard on reading and learning sight words. This hasn't come easy for her but she works hard. We have a set of Bob books and they have really helped her with sounding out words and build her confidence when it comes to reading. Pumpkin is right in there with her trying to do it too. IMG_1631
I received this picture from her teacher last week with the sentence, "I was impressed!" Peanut built the marshmallow toothpick sculpture all by herself.

Last week Peanut came home one evening to tell us that a boy in her class had an accident during class. She said everyone in her class started laughing at him and he got really mad. She continued to tell us that she didn't laugh or smile because she felt bad for him. He saw that and it made him feel better. THIS GIRL! She has a heart for people even at the young age of 6! We were so proud of her!

Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day with some friends a few days before Valentine's Day.  The girls and I made some fun valentines to give to the friends at the party. IMG_1609
I "mustache" you a question...will you be my valentine? I "mustache" you a question!  Will you be my Valentine?
We had a lot of fun with these little friends at our Valentine's Day party. The kids exchanged valentines, ate snacks, and played together.
Check out this cute little valentine in her valentine outfit. IMG_1592
It was a good thing we had this fun party a few days before the actual holiday because Peanut ended up getting sick with a fever and missed two days of school which meant she missed her school party. We made the best of it. We had a few special packages from grandparents that came in the mail to open and the girls got a small gift from Daddy and I. That night we made personal sized heart pizzas for supper. IMG_1602 IMG_1607 Peanut also made this really cool Valentine guy all on her own! I thought he was super cute! IMG_1622
Daddy and I got to go out on the weekend to have a Valentine's date.  We got to see Lincoln finally and have a quiet late lunch - early supper, just the two of us.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Today Peanut had her first trip to the dentist.  She was over-the-top excited.  She kept telling everyone she was going to the dentist to get her teeth brushed.  Ha!  This morning she said she could not wait for me to pick her up from school because they would call her name over the speaker and she would get to go to the office.  "I've never been to the office, Mom!"  Oh, how I love her!  When I picked her up, she was in fact ecstatic that she got to come meet me in the office.  Off we headed to the dentist and she kept asking, "Are we there yet?"  I told her to enjoy this because I don't know a lot of adults who get excited about going to the dentist.
First Trip to the cavities!
We got a rock star dental hygienist.  She was amazing with Peanut.  It was awesome.  Peanut did excellent and wasn't scared at all.  She got to see all of the tools, pick out cotton candy polish for her teeth, and watch Phineas and Ferb on a tv on the ceiling.  The dentist said her mouth looked great and there was not one cavity.  Whew!  The hygienist discovered that she does have one loose tooth on the bottom.  This was the icing on the cake for Peanut!


One of Pumpkin's Christmas presents from Gigi was gymnastics lessons.  We started today.  She has been VERY excited.  I didn't have one problem getting her dressed and ready this morning.  She was so excited to wear her new gymnastics outfit.

First Gymnastics Class
She did super!  She listened and loved every minute of it.  She has a really amazing instructor who is full of enthusiasm and joy.  
First Gymnastics Class First Gymnastics Class
 The only problem we had was leaving.  She did not want to go.


Daddy was out of town with our church's youth group all weekend so Dobbie came down to spend the weekend with us.  We had a great time.  We shopped.  We ate.  We watched shows.  We giggled.  It was perfect except that it went way too fast.  It was so nice to have someone here with us while Daddy was away.

Dobbie Came


This is the best way to keep her occupied.  She loves to wash dishes!
Washing Dishes Washing Dishes

Daddy's Birthday

Daddy's birthday was on January 26.  We started the day by letting him open his presents.  Peanut picked out two really great blankets for him to snuggle up on the couch with.  Pumpkin got him two new games...he loves games.  I got him a new fleece jacket and a NLT Bible.  We all got ready for the day and headed downtown to a highly recommended breakfast place.  It was delicious and a great place to start off the day.

In the afternoon Daddy was suddenly woke up from a birthday nap by two friends who came to surprise him with a day of playing strategy games.  He was really surprised and had no idea I had this up my sleeve.  They were fed well and left to play games like Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan, and Carcossonne from 1:30 p.m. to close to 1:00 a.m.
Happy Birthday Daddy
We had a yummy birthday supper and of course a birthday cake, a butter pecan birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Daddy Happy Birthday Daddy
I think he had a great day. I hope so!