Sunday, January 06, 2013

Fun up North

I'm so thankful to have gotten to see some really great friends while up north.  I always look forward to catching up with all of these gals. A college room-mate and friend... College Buddies
Great friends from our old church... Coffee Date with Friends
A sweet friend from back in my youth group days. She was also the maid of honor in our wedding and just got married this fall herself! Catching up with Friends!
And these two...they were in our youth group when Hubby was a youth pastor. They're all grown up and special friends of mine now. We forgot to take a picture of all 3 of us so I stole this pic from one of their Facebook pages. Don't tell!
The girls LOVED hanging out with one of their cousins and having fun together. Christmas at D & P's
The girls got to see Papa at work. He is an ER nurse at a local hospital. Peanut thought it was really neat since she wants to be a nurse someday. Christmas at D & P's
Daddy and Papa took in football on New Year's and rested. IMG_1485
The girls thoroughly enjoyed their new gifts. One of the new things was a tea set which got a lot of use. Christmas at D & P's
One more post about our trip up north and I'm caught up from Christmas. We took the girls on a special trip that I have to share about.

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