Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas at Dobbie and Papa's

On Friday we headed to Dobbie and Papa's to meet up with Daddy's sister and one of her daughters. There was much excitement in the air as the kids knew more presents awaited. Christmas at D & P's
Dobbie had gobs of fun over the past few months making all sorts of incredible gifts for the girls. She made these awesome imagination boards that they can store in small suitcases. Each girl received a small wooden family to use in their pretend play. They were adorable and a hit. Christmas at D & P's
Christmas at D & P's
Dobbie also had a really cute doll suitcase STUFFED full of really cute clothes that she made for the girls American Girl dolls. She included some extras for each doll too. Peanut got crutches and a cast for her doll. As you can tell she was really excited since she had been asking for these all fall and winter. Christmas at D & P's
Pumpkin's Rapunzel doll collection grew which she didn't mind one bit. Christmas at D & P's
Here Dobbie is showing off the handmade project I made for many gifts this year. It is a plastic bag storage tube. They were so easy to make and I know they will be put to good use. I probably should make one for myself. Christmas at D & P's
The Christmas EXPLOSION! Christmas at D & P's
We sure love our Dobbie and Papa and are so thankful for them. Christmas at D & P's Christmas at D & P's

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