Sunday, January 06, 2013


While at Dobbie and Papa's, we took a day trip to Chicago.  We planned to take the train and had three very excited little girls that morning.
Chicago 2012
Unfortunately after arriving at the train station within a local airport, we discovered the train was down for the day due to an accident on the tracks.  We then had three really bummed little girls but we decided to just drive on to Chicago which made them happy again.

The girls excitement grew as the skyscrapers came into view. Nothing can prepare you for walking out into the middle of that beautiful city. This picture of Peanut captures that moment. Chicago 2012
Our first stop was the original Marshall Field's store which is now a Macy's department store. We checked out the beautifully decked out store front windows. This was Pumpkin's favorite part of the day.
Chicago 2012
The girls couldn't believe how many floors up the store went. They got to look all the way up in the center.
Chicago 2012
We took them up the escalator which is quite a ride. I can't look down at all because you go so high. It is 12 floors high. At the top we went to view the Christmas tree in The Walnut Room. Chicago 2012Chicago 2012
When in Chicago, you must eat Chicago style pizza...thick and smothered in cheese! We hit up one of our favorite places.
Chicago 2012 Chicago 2012
Our next stop was AMERICAN GIRL. The little girls had been begging all morning to get there. It was our farthest stop so it took quite a walk down the Magnificent Mile to get there. That is a walk I never get tired of.
 Chicago 2012 Chicago 2012 Chicago 2012Chicago 2012
This was Peanut's favorite part of the day! It was quite a sight for sure. Chicago 2012
We had to pop into the Lego store too. Where else on earth can you find a life size Woody made out of Legos?
 Chicago 2012
Then it was time for our brisk walk back to the parking garage. We did make a stop along the way for some warm drinks and some pics of that gorgeous skyline.
Chicago 2012 Chicago 2012

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Melanie N. Brasher said...

Looks like a fun adventure! Love all the pictures, Mindy! Miss you. :)