Monday, January 21, 2013

My Birthday

My birthday was on January 8.  I got to spend it in the hospital with Daddy while he was having heart testing done.  (More on that to come in a later post...he is fine.)  We did go out for supper that evening but the restaurant wasn't a hit.  I failed in my choice!  We did hit up a new spot in town for cupcakes and they were delicious.

The following Saturday Daddy took the girls out for breakfast.  What I thought was going to be just a morning at home by myself turned into almost a full day.  It was wonderful.  I watched a movie, read a little, and then cleaned this apartment from top to bottom.  There are few things that feel better to me than a clean home.

When Daddy and the girls did return they came bearing gifts.  There was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a birthday cake, and a balloon that said I love you.  They also had a bag full of great stuff.  Daddy said Peanut knew just  what  I needed from the kitchen store he took them to.  I have a timer which I really needed, new dish towels and dish rags, a heat resistant spatula, a collapsable strainer, a cutting mat, and a french press travel mug.  They did awesome.  I loved everything and have put it all to great use already.
Mommy's Birthday
After supper the girls went to a friend's house so Daddy and I could finally go see Les Miserables.  It was wonderful.  What a great birthday even if we didn't actually celebrate until a few days later.  Spreading it out makes the fun last longer.

In fact...this past weekend some really awesome friends from church took me and another dear friend out to celebrate our birthdays which are exactly one week apart.  She is one of the first people I met here in our town when we moved.  I am very grateful for our friendship.Birthday Girls
For our fun evening we ate at my most favorite restaurant in town.  It is scrumptious!  Afterwards we headed to one of these sweet ladies' homes to hang out.  We ate really yummy cake and made scarves out of t-shirts and laughed together.   I am so very thankful for all of these ladies and so many more that are in my life!
Birthday Girls
I am really blessed.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Peanut's school had a rollerskating night a few weeks ago. She was so excited to go so we made it happen. Peanut has gone one other time but Pumpkin had never been. I was in charge of Pumpkin and it was HILARIOUS! As soon as those skates were on, she wanted to GO, GO, GO. Oh my word!


It took us quite a long time to make it around the rink once but we did. After that she was able to skate down the carpeted hall on her own (I was right behind her ready to grab ahold if she needed me).


Peanut did well with Daddy's help. She was more timid and willing to let him help her.


It was a fun night indeed!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Monsters, Inc.

This past Saturday we decided to surprise the girls and take them to a movie.  Pumpkin has never been to a movie in a theater before so it was a big deal.  It also just happened to be one of her all time favorite movies, Monsters, Inc. in 3-D.  When Pumpkin spotted the movie poster, she squealed, "It's Mike and Sully!"
The glasses for the 3-D movie, the popcorn, the candy, the big seats....she thought it was very cool as did Peanut who is a pro at going to the movies now. We had a great time together watching a very silly movie that still makes my eyes water at the end. IMG_1494
A word to the wise: Sunglasses do NOT work as 3-D glasses in case you were wondering. Yes, there is a story there but it would embarrass the writer of this blog post, so we'll just leave it at that.

Sunday, January 06, 2013


While at Dobbie and Papa's, we took a day trip to Chicago.  We planned to take the train and had three very excited little girls that morning.
Chicago 2012
Unfortunately after arriving at the train station within a local airport, we discovered the train was down for the day due to an accident on the tracks.  We then had three really bummed little girls but we decided to just drive on to Chicago which made them happy again.

The girls excitement grew as the skyscrapers came into view. Nothing can prepare you for walking out into the middle of that beautiful city. This picture of Peanut captures that moment. Chicago 2012
Our first stop was the original Marshall Field's store which is now a Macy's department store. We checked out the beautifully decked out store front windows. This was Pumpkin's favorite part of the day.
Chicago 2012
The girls couldn't believe how many floors up the store went. They got to look all the way up in the center.
Chicago 2012
We took them up the escalator which is quite a ride. I can't look down at all because you go so high. It is 12 floors high. At the top we went to view the Christmas tree in The Walnut Room. Chicago 2012Chicago 2012
When in Chicago, you must eat Chicago style pizza...thick and smothered in cheese! We hit up one of our favorite places.
Chicago 2012 Chicago 2012
Our next stop was AMERICAN GIRL. The little girls had been begging all morning to get there. It was our farthest stop so it took quite a walk down the Magnificent Mile to get there. That is a walk I never get tired of.
 Chicago 2012 Chicago 2012 Chicago 2012Chicago 2012
This was Peanut's favorite part of the day! It was quite a sight for sure. Chicago 2012
We had to pop into the Lego store too. Where else on earth can you find a life size Woody made out of Legos?
 Chicago 2012
Then it was time for our brisk walk back to the parking garage. We did make a stop along the way for some warm drinks and some pics of that gorgeous skyline.
Chicago 2012 Chicago 2012

Fun up North

I'm so thankful to have gotten to see some really great friends while up north.  I always look forward to catching up with all of these gals. A college room-mate and friend... College Buddies
Great friends from our old church... Coffee Date with Friends
A sweet friend from back in my youth group days. She was also the maid of honor in our wedding and just got married this fall herself! Catching up with Friends!
And these two...they were in our youth group when Hubby was a youth pastor. They're all grown up and special friends of mine now. We forgot to take a picture of all 3 of us so I stole this pic from one of their Facebook pages. Don't tell!
The girls LOVED hanging out with one of their cousins and having fun together. Christmas at D & P's
The girls got to see Papa at work. He is an ER nurse at a local hospital. Peanut thought it was really neat since she wants to be a nurse someday. Christmas at D & P's
Daddy and Papa took in football on New Year's and rested. IMG_1485
The girls thoroughly enjoyed their new gifts. One of the new things was a tea set which got a lot of use. Christmas at D & P's
One more post about our trip up north and I'm caught up from Christmas. We took the girls on a special trip that I have to share about.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas at Dobbie and Papa's

On Friday we headed to Dobbie and Papa's to meet up with Daddy's sister and one of her daughters. There was much excitement in the air as the kids knew more presents awaited. Christmas at D & P's
Dobbie had gobs of fun over the past few months making all sorts of incredible gifts for the girls. She made these awesome imagination boards that they can store in small suitcases. Each girl received a small wooden family to use in their pretend play. They were adorable and a hit. Christmas at D & P's
Christmas at D & P's
Dobbie also had a really cute doll suitcase STUFFED full of really cute clothes that she made for the girls American Girl dolls. She included some extras for each doll too. Peanut got crutches and a cast for her doll. As you can tell she was really excited since she had been asking for these all fall and winter. Christmas at D & P's
Pumpkin's Rapunzel doll collection grew which she didn't mind one bit. Christmas at D & P's
Here Dobbie is showing off the handmade project I made for many gifts this year. It is a plastic bag storage tube. They were so easy to make and I know they will be put to good use. I probably should make one for myself. Christmas at D & P's
The Christmas EXPLOSION! Christmas at D & P's
We sure love our Dobbie and Papa and are so thankful for them. Christmas at D & P's Christmas at D & P's

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas at Gigi's

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with Gigi.  The girls were so excited and got some really nice things.
Christmas 2012 with GigiChristmas 2012 with Gigi
The main part of Gigi's gift to the girls is giving them lessons. Peanut is going to start taking piano lessons and Pumpkin is going to begin gymnastics lessons. How fun! The girls found out their gift from a letter that Gigi read to the girls. Christmas 2012 with Gigi Christmas 2012 with Gigi Christmas 2012 with Gigi
There was enough snow for the girls to get outside and play in it. Christmas 2012 with Gigi Christmas 2012 with Gigi Christmas 2012 with Gigi Christmas 2012 with Gigi Christmas 2012 with Gigi Christmas 2012 with Gigi