Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Date Night

A really great friend of mine asked if she could watch our girls one evening so Hubby and I could have a date.  It worked out perfectly because I had found out the university cinema was having a preview of Season 3 of Downton Abbey which Hubby and I love.  I decided to surprise him with a fun evening.

We dropped the girls off for an evening of fun at my friend's then headed out.  We ate first at a Mediterranean restaurant that we love.  We had just sat down and told the waitress what we wanted to drink when we heard that horrible sound of cars hitting each other.  I remember catching a glimpse of the car and thinking, "It's going to come into the front window."  In that split second, I didn't know what to do.  Thank goodness there is a huge, steel light pole in front of the huge front window.  The car ran into that and caused it to veer to the right and hit a very solid limestone wall right at the front door of the restaurant.  Thank goodness everyone was for the most part.  We were all so thankful for that light pole and the solid wall.  Goodness!  What a way to start a date!

Here is the car sitting in the entrance of the restaurant.  That window to the left is what the car was headed for. You can see the dent and scratches on the driver's door from where he hit the light pole that we are so thankful for.
This happened at the restaurant we were eating at for date night!  Thankfully everyone was okay.
After our hearts stopped racing and the police had everything cleaned up, we ate a wonderful supper before heading to the campus. The preview of Season 3 was wonderful. We are really looking forward for the new season to begin. It was fun to hear all of the other fans chatting about the series. Date Night
Our night ended with us arriving home to realize we both had left our keys inside of the apartment! Whoops! The girls had fun playing in the van for the 30 minutes we had to wait for the maintenance man to come. Quite an exciting evening! season to begin

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