Saturday, December 08, 2012

Advent 2012

December 6 - I took the girls to K-Mart where they each picked a few special gifts for some special kids. After we paid for our goods, we headed outside to the Salvation Army Stuff-a-Bus. The girls were so excited to put the items they had picked out inside the bus. The bus has been all over town this month collecting items, trying to actually stuff the bus for kids who might not have a Christmas this year. The bus was pretty full. The girls thought the huge pile of toys was pretty cool. We talked a lot about the little girls who would get the baby doll that Peanut picked out and the Rapunzel doll that Pumpkin picked out and how excited they will be on Christmas morning to receive those items. PC062805 PC062810
 December 7 - We headed out in the evening in fog and drizzly rain to a local state park. We said a prayer on the way for the weather to clear up so we could enjoy Christmas in the Village. This was the same village we visited a few weeks ago when Dobbie and Papa were here. As we got closer the weather did clear up enough for us to have a wonderful evening.

 Earlier in the day I told Pumpkin that we were going to see Santa Claus and with a look of astonishment she said, "We're going to the North Pole!" When we got to the park she saw the inn up on a hill all lit up with Christmas lights and she squealed, "Look! It's the North Pole." Love it! We meandered through the candle lit village jingling bells to dulcimer music, tasting popcorn made over an open fire, making ornaments to hang on the gorgeous trees, sampling spiced cider, and meeting Father Christmas.

Peanut is a little confused now because he was Father Christmas but not Santa Claus. "So there are two Santas to help on Christmas?"
Peanut signed up to join the Union Army in one of the homes with an original ear pen.

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