Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Advent 2012 Underway

Having a child in school has thrown a curveball on our Advent activities but we're making the best of it.  I'm trying to keep things a little low key this year and go with our flow.  We had a big kick-off to Advent over the weekend.

December 1 -  We headed across the street to Peanut's school for Breakfast with Santa, not the real Santa though, just a stand in.  (We'll be meeting the real guy next week.  ;)  We ate breakfast, the girls got to sit on Santa's lap, and we made some crafts together.
PC012796 PC012798
In the afternoon we drove over to a small arts and craft village to take in some Christmas festivities. We toured a gingerbread house display which inspired Peanut to make one this year. IMG_0682
We saw the REAL (according to Peanut) Santa and some elves. She was QUICK to inform him we had met a not real Santa that morning. IMG_0684
The girls got to sit in Santa's sleigh which floored Peanut. "Is this the REAL sleigh?" IMG_0697
We took a ride on a Holiday train/trolley around the town and finished at the candy store to pick out some taffy.
December 2 - We got to light the Candle of Hope for Advent at church as a family. This was the first time we've gotten to do this. It was an honor! Peanut announced the candle to the congregation which was packed. We were so proud of her. Later that afternoon after watching The Polar Express we put up our Christmas tree and decorated our apartment for Christmas. IMG_0715
(Somebody's shirt is a bit small.)
These are the ornaments the girls each got this year to add to their collection.
December 3 - The weather has been unseasonably warm.  Monday it was in the 70's which is unheard of.  We had to go for a walk and play at the playground to enjoy this warm weather.

December 4 - We watched the original Grinch movie and drank Grinch punch that we made together.  Grinch punch = Sprite + Lime Sherbert in glasses rimmed with green sugar!

December 5 - The girls are going to get into their pajamas after an early supper this evening and go to their friends' house to watch a Christmas movie with their buddy's Dad while the Mommies head to a holiday harp concert.

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