Sunday, November 04, 2012


Over a month ago I got together with two other buddies to sew skirts for our girls.  We only had time to make one skirt each but we had so much fun.  I really do love to sew.  SOMEDAY I will have a room in which I can just leave my sewing stuff out so I can sew or craft whenever I have small bits of time.  It was fun "helping" these gals out with their skirts.  I am in no way, shape, or form an expert.  I just sort of plow through and hope the end product looks decent.
  Sewing with FriendsSewing with Friends
In the end we each did have a really cute skirt for our girls. Sewing with Friends
Peanut didn't get to wear hers until a few weeks ago. I desperately needed leggings for her to wear under it as it ended up a bit shorter than I had hoped (as did the other ladies'). Thanks to my awesome sister-in-law we received a huge bag of hand-me-downs and there were a pair of cute leggings perfect for the skirt. She got to wear it before the cold weather hit. Mama Made her a Skirt
Last night she went on a date with Daddy and Pumpkin. I was gone when Peanut decided to dress herself. This is the outfit she put together! How cute is that? What a sense of style she has. I was honored that she picked out that little skirt to wear. Imagine a brown hoodie with large blue polka dots over this too...lots of patterns!
I am learning to let go a little and let her express herself. It's hard when the patterns clash but when you see the pride on her little face, it makes it just fine!

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