Sunday, November 18, 2012

Peanut's First Sleep-Over

On Friday Peanut had an unexpected surprise.  A good friend had asked if it would be ok for Peanut to spend the night with her daughter for a sleep-over.  We know this family really well and all of our kids are great friends so it was perfect.  I told Peanut after she got home from school and this was her reaction to hearing about her first sleep-over.
First Sleep-Over for Peanut
Our friends live right around the corner so we were able to walk over after she was all packed. Pumpkin and I spent the evening with them also. First Sleep-Over for Peanut
The kids got to play outside together, eat pizza, make brownies and eat them, and watch a fun new Christmas movie together. It was quite an evening! I got to hold a little tiny baby.
 First Sleep-Over for Peanut First Sleep-Over for PeanutFirst Sleep-Over for Peanut
These little girls are such great buddies! First Sleep-Over for Peanut First Sleep-Over for Peanut
When it was time for Pumpkin and I to leave, there were some tears from Peanut. I reassured her that I was close by, said a prayer with her, and headed home.  She did fine after I left.

Here are the girls the next morning.  Aren't they so cute? First Sleep-Over for Peanut
Her favorite thing about having a sleep-over was finding out that she and her buddy could play a little after bedtime.  She also got a special flash light to sleep with to help her feel better after the lights were turned out. 

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