Tuesday, November 27, 2012


How is it possible that Thanksgiving has come and gone?  I don't know how that happened.  It went much too fast but it was really nice.  We got to have a nice meal with Gigi and one with Dobbie and Papa.  We were gone for 5 days and split our time between both homes.  The girls were in Heaven to be with their grandpas and grandma.  Here are some pics of our holiday.

These are the shirts I made for the girls this year.  They were really simple.  The tutorial can be found HERE.
We put up Gigi's Christmas tree for him while we were there.  The girls got to hang the ornaments.  Most of the ones we use on his tree are ones that Mimi made which makes it really special.
IMG_0569 IMG_0571 IMG_0574
Then we were off to Dobbie and Papa's.  We got to have the meal with Kevin's cousin and her kids which made it even more special.
There is always a big time bubble bath in Dobbie's whirlpool.  They LOVE this!
We got to spend our time at Dobbie and Papa's with one of our nieces who was there for the holiday also.  She was so good with Peanut and Pumpkin and kept them entertained.
On our way home we drove through our state capital to see the Christmas lights.  We even stopped to walk around.  It really was beautiful.
So this holiday is over and we prepare for the next.  My goal is to keep Christmas simple this year and to focus on why we celebrate this wonderful season.  I don't want to get caught up in the commercialism.  I want the girls to know the importance of Christmas this year.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Indian Summer

We have been having beautiful weather the past few days.  On Sunday after church we took the girls out for lunch then headed to a local nature preserve for a quick hike to enjoy this gorgeous weather.  Hike Hike Hike
Along the way we walked past an area full of cat tails. Another hiker showed the girls how to rub at the top layer on the cat tail to make them pop and let their seeds explode out. It was really cool. We didn't know you could do that. Hike Hike
So thankful for these little girls to go exploring with.
Hike Hike
Of course we had to make a stop at a playground for the girls to expend some more energy! Look at her go! She wouldn't climb this thing last summer. Hike

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Peanut's First Sleep-Over

On Friday Peanut had an unexpected surprise.  A good friend had asked if it would be ok for Peanut to spend the night with her daughter for a sleep-over.  We know this family really well and all of our kids are great friends so it was perfect.  I told Peanut after she got home from school and this was her reaction to hearing about her first sleep-over.
First Sleep-Over for Peanut
Our friends live right around the corner so we were able to walk over after she was all packed. Pumpkin and I spent the evening with them also. First Sleep-Over for Peanut
The kids got to play outside together, eat pizza, make brownies and eat them, and watch a fun new Christmas movie together. It was quite an evening! I got to hold a little tiny baby.
 First Sleep-Over for Peanut First Sleep-Over for PeanutFirst Sleep-Over for Peanut
These little girls are such great buddies! First Sleep-Over for Peanut First Sleep-Over for Peanut
When it was time for Pumpkin and I to leave, there were some tears from Peanut. I reassured her that I was close by, said a prayer with her, and headed home.  She did fine after I left.

Here are the girls the next morning.  Aren't they so cute? First Sleep-Over for Peanut
Her favorite thing about having a sleep-over was finding out that she and her buddy could play a little after bedtime.  She also got a special flash light to sleep with to help her feel better after the lights were turned out. 

Gymnastics Morning

Pumpkin and I met some super awesome friends at a local gymnastics facility for a morning of free play.  Pumpkin was in Heaven.  What a great way for the littles to expend energy and the Mamas to chat.  Gymnastics Play Time Gymnastics Play Time

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Hat

This describes our littlest perfectly. When Gigi was here we took Pumpkin to Target so I could get the girls new hats and mittens for winter. I let Pumpkin pick out her own set and this is the set she picked...the one with a silly "monster" on the hat! She cracks us up all of the time so it is perfect for her personality!
New Hat!

Veteran's Day

Peanut's school had a special convocation this past Monday for Veteran's Day.  We invited Gigi to come spend the day with us and that he did.  Here are some pictures from our day together.
Veteran's Day Service Veteran's Day Service
Veteran's Day Service
We are so thankful for all of those who have fought for the freedoms we have this day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Snow for 2012

It snowed yesterday morning.  Peanut was at school but Pumpkin was here and more than excited to get out in the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky.  Here are some photos from our first snowfall of the year which was all melted within an hour after coming down.
IMG_0354IMG_0355 IMG_0351

Football Game

This past Saturday Dobbie and Papa came to see us.  We scored some IU football tickets for Daddy and Papa to use from some really awesome friends.  Papa's birthday is this coming Friday so it was a great way for Daddy to celebrate with Papa.  We had to stock Papa up on some IU gear so he got a new IU t-shirt and hat for his birthday.
IU Football
Here are the two guys before heading to the game with their IU gear on. The day was glorious due to temperatures in the low 70's and very sunny! They really lucked out with the weather.
 IU Football
They had a great time although they watched the beloved Hoosiers get crimsoned and creamed by Wisconsin. IU Football
LOVE this pic of Papa. He looks so happy!
IU Football
Happy Early Birthday, Papa!!! IU Football

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Serving Others

On Friday night Peanut and Daddy participated in a service project with our church's children ministry.  They went to a local homeless shelter and sorted a huge pile of donated food items.  These items were put into boxes to give to families in our community who are in need for Thanksgiving.  IMG_0814
We were so proud of Peanut's not just willingness but also excitement for being able to help out in this way. We want her to know just how very blessed we are to have a home, food, and clothes. We also want her to know that there are so many right here in our community who are in desperate need for those very things. We are called to serve others and what a great thing to teach our young ones.
We are also thankful for a church that strives to serve our community.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Girl Weekend

This past weekend two very special friends met at my place for a girl's weekend.  I was so excited to see both of them.  We ate out a lot, watched movies, and talked.  There were tears and laughs.  You know it's good when everyone sheds some tears.  Our poor waiter at the restaurant we were shedding tears at wasn't quite sure what to do with us except to keep offering more Diet Coke.  Diet Coke works in a pinch!
The little girls were so excited to have a 4 legged guest in the apartment too. This little dog got a lot of extra kisses and hugs.
Thanks sweet girls! Had a ball with you. Hope we can do it again very soon.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Over a month ago I got together with two other buddies to sew skirts for our girls.  We only had time to make one skirt each but we had so much fun.  I really do love to sew.  SOMEDAY I will have a room in which I can just leave my sewing stuff out so I can sew or craft whenever I have small bits of time.  It was fun "helping" these gals out with their skirts.  I am in no way, shape, or form an expert.  I just sort of plow through and hope the end product looks decent.
  Sewing with FriendsSewing with Friends
In the end we each did have a really cute skirt for our girls. Sewing with Friends
Peanut didn't get to wear hers until a few weeks ago. I desperately needed leggings for her to wear under it as it ended up a bit shorter than I had hoped (as did the other ladies'). Thanks to my awesome sister-in-law we received a huge bag of hand-me-downs and there were a pair of cute leggings perfect for the skirt. She got to wear it before the cold weather hit. Mama Made her a Skirt
Last night she went on a date with Daddy and Pumpkin. I was gone when Peanut decided to dress herself. This is the outfit she put together! How cute is that? What a sense of style she has. I was honored that she picked out that little skirt to wear. Imagine a brown hoodie with large blue polka dots over this too...lots of patterns!
I am learning to let go a little and let her express herself. It's hard when the patterns clash but when you see the pride on her little face, it makes it just fine!