Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treating at the Frat Houses

The university does a trick or treating night for the kids in our community.  It was held last night so we ventured out into the remnants of hurricane Sandy that was over our state.  It was very cold and wet but we have electricity, our home, and no destruction.  Much to be thankful for and much to pray for in regards to those out East.

The trick or treating is done on a street lined with sorority and fraternity houses.  The students decorate and dress up themselves.  They pass out a ton of candy.  They do face painting, games, pass out extra snacks and so forth.  They also oooo and ahhh over the little kids.  It really is a fun evening.
Halloween 2012
We went with some special friends just like we did two years ago.  First is the picture from last night and second is the picture from two years ago.  My how they've changed!
Halloween 2012 University Trick or Treating

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