Monday, October 01, 2012

Random Stuff

It's raining.  It's October now.  It is fall.   The leaves are changing.  There are two small candles burning on my window sill.  A dear cousin stocked me up on the latest "pumpkin-y"things from the store.  I love it!  This is by far my most favorite time of the year.

We have been so busy.  Life is just so different now with Peanut in school.  It's hard to squeeze in our adventures but we do it!  I'm not giving those up.

Peanut is growing like a weed.  We are transitioning out of size 5 to size 6 clothes.  She LOVES having something new to wear each day.  It makes me so thankful for my sweet sister-in-law and a dear friend from up north who have lovingly shared many great hand-me-downs with us and then the many special gifts she has received over the year and is now able to wear.  We really are so blessed.
Park Girl
Pumpkin is growing too. I keep squeezing her into size 3T. Our 4T things are in our storage unit and I've had no time to get there. That is on the to-do list for this week. Even Daddy mentioned that her dress was a little too short for church yesterday. Oops! Park Girl Park Girls
Pumpkin trying to ride a new-to-her bike. New Bike
 "There's a robot in here."
Boxy Robot
 Button sorting...
Button Sorting
I'll be back soon with some fun stuff that happened this weekend. It was an awesome one!

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