Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We are done with Halloween 2012!  The girls are all tucked into their warm beds in warm pjs after a very chilly walk for the beloved candy.  It was a very successful evening if success is figured according to how much candy is in their bags.  (Too bad the kit-kats will be missing from those bags by morning...shhh!   Don't tell!)
Halloween 2012
We walked through a local neighborhood with some of our buddies from our apartment complex. We had another buddy walk with us but we met up with he and his mom later and I forgot to take a picture of him with all of us. He was the FBI agent we hung out with the another night though. Halloween 2012 Halloween 2012
We even got to hit up the library's bookmobile that was in the parking lot when we got back from trick or treating! SCORE!
 Halloween 2012
Peanut got to be snack helper for her class at school today. They didn't have a party but I had to make their healthy snack a bit fun since it was Halloween. So she got to take mummified Nutrigrain bars! Halloween 2012
Happy Halloween from Dorothy and Toto to you! Halloween 2012

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