Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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State Park Visit
This past weekend Hubby was away with the youth group from our church at a retreat. Dobbie and Papa came down to hang out with the girls and I. Dobbie was itching to get away for a bit so it worked out well on both sides. We had a lot of fun together. Sunday we took off to visit a local state park. The park has a pioneer village within it. We just happened to visit the final weekend that the village is open with volunteers in each of the buildings. It was so neat! State Park Visit
The village was established due to the mill that was built at this site. The original wheel rotted away but it was rebuilt by the CCC in the late '30's. They still use it to grind corn into cornmeal just as they did almost a century ago.
State Park VisitState Park Visit
The girls learned how to make bread without an oven. State Park Visit State Park Visit
This was a really great trip. I love it when you go expecting to have fun but find there is even more fun to be had! We had no idea the village would be open and filled with volunteers to give us the history of the buildings. Love it!
State Park Visit
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