Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Three Weeks

We have officially made it three weeks with Peanut's new routine and two weeks into Daddy's new routine.  We are doing well too!  Peanut loves school.  I emailed her teacher after the first week of school to check in and see how Peanut was really doing.  This is what the teacher had to say, "She is 100% listening and on task! She is my role model for the other students. Such as sweet heart and I look forward to getting to know her better throughout the year. She is super smart and I can't wait to see what all she can accomplish this year! She is a very bright little girl, you should be so proud of her!"  Needless to say we are so proud of her and so very thankful that it is going so far this year.

There is one thing that happened Peanut's first week of school that made us soar though. She came home on the first Wednesday and said there was a little boy in her class that told her he didn't like her. Honestly she wasn't overly upset about it. We talked it through with her. We want her to know she can ALWAYS talk to us. Friday night then she shared this with me, "Mom, you know that boy that said he didn't like me, well today he made a picture and he was mad because he said he didn't do a good job. I told him that I thought he did a really good job and that his mom would like it. He said that she wouldn't." She didn't shy away from the boy that said he didn't like her. Instead she tried to encourage him. It also made me so sad that this child thought his own mom wouldn't be proud of the work that he had done. I am thankful for a little girl who is willing to encourage even to a tough little boy.

So far her favorite things about school are recess and lunch! That sounds like almost every other student, doesn't it? There is a very sweet little boy from her class last year at her school this year. They are not in the same class but they do find each other at recess and eat lunch together sometimes. That helps me so much as does it his mama too!

Daddy started back to grad school two weeks ago. Getting used to his new routine always takes us a few weeks. He doesn't have any night classes this semester which is amazing.  He is enjoying this semester so far.

I started babysitting a little boy whose parents we know from church. He is coming two times a week for most of the day. It is going really well. He is a sweet little guy and Pumpkin loves having him around. I also have been babysitting for another friend's 3 (soon-to-be 4) children another day a week. That is keeping me busy. I am so thankful that God continues to provide for us and in a fun way so that I can be home with Pumpkin and there when Peanut goes to and comes home from school.

We have taken the girls to two outdoor movies that a local park shows here in town.  We saw The Wizard of Oz a few weeks ago and this past Friday we saw E.T.  The girls really enjoy this as do we. 
 DSC09494The Wizard of Oz - Outside
Pumpkin is almost potty trained now! Wahoo! We still have to work on night time and number 2 but we will get there. We are so proud of her! She earned some Rapunzel underwear after filling a sticker chart for potty successes.
 Potty TrainingPotty Training
Love these two girls! ET - Outside

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