Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Getaway (2)

On Sunday we headed back downtown to hit up the Frazier History Museum.  It was a rainy morning as you can see below.
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Downtown LouisvilleLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Downtown Louisville
We spent quite a bit of time in the museum that was filled with many unique things. We got to see armor that knights would have worn in battle and all types of swords. We saw a few reenactments. Peanut got to hold a sword after a sword fighting reenactment.
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - History Museum
The girls got to dress up in period costumes from medieval times and the time of the samurai.
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - History MuseumLabor Day Weekend Getaway - History Museum
There were many miniature scenes to depict different historical events. We had a good time and really wore out the girls.  This was more of a treat for Daddy and I although the girls had fun too.  Labor Day Weekend Getaway - History Museum
We decided to take in one more adventure before calling it a day so we headed to the Louisville Mega Cavern. Daddy and I weren't sure what to expect and aren't sure we would do it again. We thought it was a natural cave but it ended up being man made. It was created for mining and then in the 50's was a fall-out shelter for the Louisville area in case of a nuclear attack. Thankfully this all went over Peanut's head. We probably would not recommend this one to anyone. Go to a cave instead. ;) Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Megacavern Labor Day Weekend Getaway - MegacavernLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Megacavern
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Megacavern
Afterwards we headed back to our hotel and ordered pizza which is what Peanut was dying to do. We settled in with our pizza and Toy Story and called it a night! The girls were way over-tired so going to sleep was a real challenge as anyone with over-tired kids knows. Our night of sleep was a short one again.

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