Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Getaway (1)

We all had Monday off for Labor Day so we took off for a weekend getaway.  We decided on Louisville.  We have driven through several times but have never visited.  I discovered that there was a cat show of all things going on in town and we have two little girls who ADORE cats so we checked it out.  Halfway through checking out the cats, Cora looked at me and said, "Thank you so much for bringing me here!"
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Cat ShowLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Cat Show
Next we headed downtown to scope out some sights.  We didn't actually go to the slugger museum but we did check out the giant bat out front and gawk in the windows of the factory.
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Downtown LouisvilleLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Downtown Louisville
Next we headed to the Louisville Science Center. We spent the rest of the evening here and had a great time. I would highly recommend this and it has reduced rates in the evenings. Right after we paid to get in, we got to watch a science experiment. There were 6 balloons filled with different types of gas. The man who was in charge used fire to make the balloons explode and show how each gas burns in a different color because of the energy. It was very cool and LOUD!
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum
The girls got to dress-up, "drive" a bus, do all sorts of hands-on activites. There was a huge water table area that they spent alot of time in. They got to wear cute little rain jackets that were supposed to keep them dry. Pumpkin kept getting water up her sleeve then lifting her arm over her head so the water ran down her dress. She was soaked! There were hand dryers for them to dry their hands on afterwards so guess what I tried to dry under that dryer. Yep...her dress while she stood in front of me in her cute new Rapunzel undies. Thankfully no one was around.
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science MuseumLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum
Daddy and Peanut had fun together making a ball run...imagine a marble run on steroids. Very cool!
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum
We ended with trying to be inside of a bubble! How cool is that? Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum
We ate a very yummy supper at a local mexican restaurant then headed to our motel for a short night of sleep before day two of our adventure.

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