Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apple Picking or Not

We have been blessed to make friends with a really sweet mom and her sons that live in our apartment complex.  We actually knew them from Peanut's school last year but they moved to our complex this summer and now Peanut and the oldest son attend the same school again.  This mom and I have spent a lot of time together at pick-ups after school.  We usually spend a couple afternoons a week together while the kids play together after school.  It is so nice to have a mom friend to chat with while we wait for our kids.  I am so thankful for this new friendship that is growing more and more.  It has been a huge blessing to me.
During one of our play dates we decided that we needed to take our kids apple picking so we set a date and did it.  The problem is that when we got to the apple farm, well there were no apples to pick.  Our area was hit with a severe drought this summer and the implications are still evident with the lack of apples this fall.  I think we were more disappointed then our kids.  There were still apples that had been brought in from up north to buy.  There was still apple cider, fresh peanut butter, and apple cider slushies.  We bought some of this yummy stuff then we headed to a local state park to let the kids play since they didn't get to pick apples.  The park was awesome.  It was one that we had not yet been to in the area.  We will be going back as soon as we can.
I am amazed at the friends that have been brought into our lives and so very thankful. I am so grateful too for the friendships my girls have. There is nothing I love more than to see them romping around with other kids and just having fun! DSC09698
We had such a fun much fun that we completely lost track of time. I say that is the sign of a great day! DSC09691

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hanging out in our Town

On Tuesday I had visitors!  I was so excited to know that two of my dear, sweet friends from up north were taking a whole day to come see me.  That really does speak volumes of love to me.  I hope they know that.  I know it's not easy to find a free day to make a 3.5 hour trek here and a 3.5 hour trek home.  I know it's not cheap with gas prices so high.  I know it's hard to coordinate school drop-offs and pick-ups and child care for their kids.  I know all of this and more!  They are just plain awesome, that's all there is to it.  This wasn't even their first trek down here.  They have been here a handful of times before.  They really are a blessing to me.

We had A BALL!  Where we were going to eat lunch was a total no brainer.  We have this fantastic place in town called The Farm.  The food is out of this world and the atmosphere is spectacular.  It is our place, that is for sure!  A Day with Friends
We checked out some of the great shops here in town and I showed them some interesting sights. We had to take one of the girls to our local grocery store for her favorite "Farmer Cookie" and reward Pumpkin for being so good! We ended with picking up Peanut from school and taking her to Goodwill to goof off and shop. A Day with Friends A Day with Friends
Love these girls. So very thankful for them and the many awesome women in my life! I am truly blessed.
 A Day with Friends

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Barn Wedding

This past weekend we had the honor of going to a special wedding.  In his former life Daddy was a youth pastor and the groom in the wedding was a part of our youth group.  The bride was a girl we well also.  It is always a special thing to be a part of all of those kids' lives.  They will always have a special place in our hearts.  We have watched many graduate from college, get married, have babies, and just be awesome.  We do love them all a lot even if our paths do not cross much anymore.

Back to this weekend...the girls were so excited about going to a wedding in a barn and seeing their grandparents.  We spent the first night with Dobbie and Papa and did a lot of catching up.

Cabin Time with Dobbie and PapaCabin Time with Dobbie and Papa

The wedding was held in a really cool old barn that belongs to some good friends of ours. Barn weddings are all the rage these days but we haven't been to one yet. It was really neat and the day could not have been more beautiful.  I LOVE this following picture of my two sweeties anxiously watching the beautiful bride walk up the aisle.
  They got hitched!They got hitched!
They got hitched!They got hitched!
We were able to reconnect with some really awesome people that we don't get to see much anymore. It was a real treat to see so many people who were such great friends when we lived up north. One of Daddy's close friends was the officiant for the wedding. He did a wonderful job! DSC09646
We have GREAT memories of all these guys from our youth group days! They are an awesome group of guys.
 They got hitched!
Peanut could NOT wait to see this guy whom she used to call "The Man." She was over the moon when she saw him.
  They got hitched!
 She even got to squeeze in a dance with him.
  They got hitched!They got hitched!
 We had a wonderful day together.  I do love this family so much!
  They got hitched!
Afterwards we spent the night at Gigi's house and most of Sunday before we had to head home. Gigi Time

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Getaway (3)

Our last day of our getaway adventure, we promised the girls they could swim.  The weather had been quite rainy due to the remnants of hurricane Isaac.  We packed up all of our things and checked out then let the girls swim for about a half hour before the next rain shower moved in. They were so thankful! Labor Day Weekend Getaway
We left Louisville and headed for Corydon, the original state capital of Indiana and the site of the only Civil War battle to take place on Indiana soil. There is so much history packed into this tiny little town. Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Corydon
(The first state capital building) Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Corydon
This is the site of the only Civil War battle that took place in Indiana. Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Corydon Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Corydon

We left Corydon and headed for the banks of the Ohio River. We visited O'Bannon Woods State Park to see the beautiful river. Labor Day Weekend Getaway - O'Bannon Woods State Park Labor Day Weekend Getaway - O'Bannon Woods State Park
One of us missed out on this visit. Pumpkin fell asleep and slept the whole time we were at the park. She and I missed out on the nature center and homestead site. Peanut and Daddy got to see the only working hay press barn in Indiana. Peanut had a ball checking out some of the farm animals. Check out the tongue on that ox!
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - O'Bannon Woods State ParkLabor Day Weekend Getaway - O'Bannon Woods State Park
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - O'Bannon Woods State Park
Before heading home we stopped at a restaurant that has a gorgeous view of the Ohio River. It was a beautiful end to our trip. Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Supper by the Ohio River
On the way home we stopped at a gas station to use the restroom since one of us is still new to using the potty. Pumpkin and I went in first because Peanut was asleep. Next Daddy went in. As soon as he entered, Pumpkin said, "Mommy, you drive home!" I asked, "Do you want to leave Daddy here? He will get sad." She replied with, "Yes. I'm getting old." Oh my goodness!

We had a great time together. It was so nice to get away for a few days and just enjoy being a family doing fun things together.

There are alot more pictures from our trip HERE.

Labor Day Weekend Getaway (2)

On Sunday we headed back downtown to hit up the Frazier History Museum.  It was a rainy morning as you can see below.
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Downtown LouisvilleLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Downtown Louisville
We spent quite a bit of time in the museum that was filled with many unique things. We got to see armor that knights would have worn in battle and all types of swords. We saw a few reenactments. Peanut got to hold a sword after a sword fighting reenactment.
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - History Museum
The girls got to dress up in period costumes from medieval times and the time of the samurai.
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - History MuseumLabor Day Weekend Getaway - History Museum
There were many miniature scenes to depict different historical events. We had a good time and really wore out the girls.  This was more of a treat for Daddy and I although the girls had fun too.  Labor Day Weekend Getaway - History Museum
We decided to take in one more adventure before calling it a day so we headed to the Louisville Mega Cavern. Daddy and I weren't sure what to expect and aren't sure we would do it again. We thought it was a natural cave but it ended up being man made. It was created for mining and then in the 50's was a fall-out shelter for the Louisville area in case of a nuclear attack. Thankfully this all went over Peanut's head. We probably would not recommend this one to anyone. Go to a cave instead. ;) Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Megacavern Labor Day Weekend Getaway - MegacavernLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Megacavern
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Megacavern
Afterwards we headed back to our hotel and ordered pizza which is what Peanut was dying to do. We settled in with our pizza and Toy Story and called it a night! The girls were way over-tired so going to sleep was a real challenge as anyone with over-tired kids knows. Our night of sleep was a short one again.

Labor Day Weekend Getaway (1)

We all had Monday off for Labor Day so we took off for a weekend getaway.  We decided on Louisville.  We have driven through several times but have never visited.  I discovered that there was a cat show of all things going on in town and we have two little girls who ADORE cats so we checked it out.  Halfway through checking out the cats, Cora looked at me and said, "Thank you so much for bringing me here!"
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Cat ShowLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Cat Show
Next we headed downtown to scope out some sights.  We didn't actually go to the slugger museum but we did check out the giant bat out front and gawk in the windows of the factory.
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Downtown LouisvilleLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Downtown Louisville
Next we headed to the Louisville Science Center. We spent the rest of the evening here and had a great time. I would highly recommend this and it has reduced rates in the evenings. Right after we paid to get in, we got to watch a science experiment. There were 6 balloons filled with different types of gas. The man who was in charge used fire to make the balloons explode and show how each gas burns in a different color because of the energy. It was very cool and LOUD!
Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum
The girls got to dress-up, "drive" a bus, do all sorts of hands-on activites. There was a huge water table area that they spent alot of time in. They got to wear cute little rain jackets that were supposed to keep them dry. Pumpkin kept getting water up her sleeve then lifting her arm over her head so the water ran down her dress. She was soaked! There were hand dryers for them to dry their hands on afterwards so guess what I tried to dry under that dryer. Yep...her dress while she stood in front of me in her cute new Rapunzel undies. Thankfully no one was around.
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science MuseumLabor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum
Daddy and Peanut had fun together making a ball run...imagine a marble run on steroids. Very cool!
 Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum
We ended with trying to be inside of a bubble! How cool is that? Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum Labor Day Weekend Getaway - Science Museum
We ate a very yummy supper at a local mexican restaurant then headed to our motel for a short night of sleep before day two of our adventure.