Friday, August 03, 2012

Slippin' and Slidin'

This past Tuesday we met some buddies at a local park to play for a few hours one morning.  After we got in the van to leave, we quickly decided to check out the stream.  You have to drive across the stream to get to the parking area.  The water flows over the drive and down a cement hill.  This creates a very slick surface which the girls found out by falling down a couple of times.  They were content playing in the stream and putting things in the water to flow down the hill.  Then two little boys came in their swim trunks and started sliding down the hill into the stream.  The next thing was "Mom, can we do that too?"
DSC09396 DSC09380DSC09381
To say that they had fun, well that would be quite an understatement. They wanted to know when we could go back and do it again. Their little khaki shorts will never be the same again. They bear the stain of a really fun afternoon. DSC09387

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