Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fly Baby, Fly!

Visiting the New School
Six years ago I held a new baby in my arms feeling a little overwhelmed but surging with love for this little being.  Everyone told me it would go so fast and she would grow quicker than I could imagine.  Well, everyone was right.  She is a big kid who is filled with anticipation and excitement for Monday to get here as fast as it can.  She does not know that I am praying that this weekend would go as slow as it can.
I know she is going to be fine.  I know she will do great.  I know she will not walk alone when I am not with her.  I have entrusted her to Jesus and I know He will watch over her when I can not.
Making Ice Cream
I know all of that and more in my head but there's this problem with my heart.  It is aching to know that my little Peanut is going off to big kid school, all day school.  She will be in the care of another woman longer than she will be in my care (at least more of her awake time).  I have prayed for this woman.  I have prayed that she will be a great role model for Peanut and she will love her, encourage her, challenge her, and teach her.  I have prayed for the little friends that will be in her class.   I have prayed that she would find some really great friends who are good influences to her and she to them.
I have got to be honest though, it's HARD!  It's hard letting go.  Last year was different.  She was in half day kindergarten at a private school.  She got the best of both worlds and so did I.  She got time to be in school all morning then I got her all afternoon and evening for our adventures and just time together.  This year she will come home right about when I am ready to start getting supper together.  YIKES!
As you have probably already formulated in your mind, I do not handle change well and I know that this is partly the reason why this is so hard.  It's a big change, a whole new routine but there is so much more that is making it hard.  She is my firstborn the one who gave me the most incredible title I have ever held...Mother.  I love being with her.  I love watching her.  I just plain flat out LOVE her.
Visiting the New School
She will thrive and excel.  We'll adjust to a new routine and someday I will look back and think, "How silly I was to be so apprehensive!"  For now though, I just want to hold her close and slow down the day and a half!  They are all about us, a family preparing to send their first born fly.
Visiting the New School
The above pictures are from a fun filled week.  We went swimming at the community pool where Peanut got to use the diving board for the first time outside of swim lessons.  She dove in 9 times!  We finished our library's summer reading program and got the last of the prizes.  We played with friends.  We made ice cream with Peanut's new ice cream maker that she got from a friend for her birthday.  We played together alot.  We made GOOP which was awarded "Best Day EVER" by Peanut.  We had lazy mornings.  We had pancakes for supper (one of her favorites).  We pretended to be Olympians while watching the Olympics.  We visited her new school to meet her new teacher (who is SO sweet), see her classroom, and have ice cream.  We even squeezed in camping last night and most of today!  We've had a ball with our big kid (and our little one too).

“The kindergarten children are confident in spirit, infinite in resources, and eager to learn. Everything is still possible.”

Robert Fulghum

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Beautiful, Mindy....left me teary-eyed.