Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day of Full Day Kindergarten

She did it!  She made it through her first day of all day kindergarten and she did so well.  We are so proud of her.  She was very excited this morning as she got ready.  She picked out what she wanted to wear and was served her favorite breakfast, pancakes!
First Day of All Day Kindergarten
It was a rainy morning but she was full of smiles.  Getting to use her umbrella makes her even happier. Pumpkin had to take her backpack and umbrella also to drop-off Peanut.
First Day of All Day Kindergarten
We did fine too.  Pumpkin proclaimed halfway through the day that she missed "Sissy" as she calls her.  I shed a few tears as I hugged her and walked out of her classroom.  Daddy and I thought about her all day and said prayers for her too. (Here she is with her new teacher.  She seems like a really sweet person.  I have heard some really wonderful things about her too.)
First Day of All Day Kindergarten
First Day of All Day Kindergarten
When we picked her up she was tired but still excited!  She has made it through the evening without resting too much which did surprise me.  I thought she would be really tired tonight.  She even talked Daddy into taking her and Pumpkin to the park this evening.
First Day of All Day Kindergarten First Day of All Day Kindergarten
Pumpkin and I kept busy by meeting friends to play with, getting the oil in our van changed, getting groceries, and making cookies for Peanut for when she got home from school.
First Day of All Day Kindergarten
Peanut's favorite thing about today was getting her own lunch in the cafeteria. Her least favorite thing was the little girl who wouldn't let go of her hand at recess.

She is ready for a great year!

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Way to go, Cora! (and Mom, too!)