Monday, August 13, 2012

A Camping Trip Before School Begins

Daddy and I had been talking about squeezing in one more camping trip before school begins for Peanut and we did just that.  When Peanut and I got home from visiting her new school and meeting her new teacher, we proclaimed, "Let's do it!"  I had the van packed in maybe 30 minutes and we were off after a quick stop at the grocery store.  Due to some "technical difficulties" we didn't get to our campsite until a bit after 8 p.m.  Daddy got our new tent up and a fire started before the sunset.  We ate supper by lantern light.
Camping Before School Starts
The weather was PERFECT for camping.  There was a slight chill in the air that made us put on sweatshirts and enjoy the night sounds by the campfire.  It was National S'mores Day (I am not kidding), so we ended our night with s'mores.
Camping Before School Starts
The next day we enjoyed taking in the nature center at the state park and walking a short trail with the girls.
Camping Before School StartsCamping Before School Starts
We also had to take in a playground. It was a gorgeous day! Camping Before School Starts
Peanut posed for me outside of the primitive bathrooms. She is not a fan but then again I don't know anyone who really is a fan of them. It is an experience, that is for sure.
 Camping Before School Starts
The girls discovered these little footprints before lunch. They had colored pictures along the curb that surrounds the camp site with sidewalk chalk. We obviously had a nighttime visitor who had walked in the pictures and left his mark. The girls thought this was hilarious. They were sure he had been playing with the chalk. Camping Before School Starts
We had a great time even if it was a short little trip. So thankful for these two little girls who have turned into quite the little campers. Camping Before School Starts

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brendon attebury said...

Cutest girls east of the Mississippi River.