Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Week with Gigi

We got to spend 4th of July week with Gigi. It was just the girls and I due to some things Daddy had to take care of. We had so much fun even though it was around 110 each day. It was the hottest week of our summer, wouldn't you know! Murphy' law. We made the best of the heat though. Gigi and the girls made a cake together. Peanut wanted it to be a surprise for me. Gigi was a sport even though there was a cracked egg on his carpeted floor and broken eggs on his counter. When Peanut asked to use the hand mixer he did say, "No, that would be quite a mess." Heehee! The cake was super yummy and even brought several guests over to get a piece. Making a cake with Gigi
Due to that outrageous heat, I got a slip and slide for the girls to play on and keep cool. They had a ball just running through the water since we didn't have a good hill to put it on for them to slide down.
 Keeping Cool at Gigi's
We also used ice cream as a cooling down tactic which they didn't mind one bit.
Ice Cream Cone Faces
We braved the high temperatures and still made it to a 4th of July parade. At the very end a fire truck went through and sprayed the kids. Peanut loved it, Pumpkin thought she was going to get it trouble! Haha! They got quite a stash of candy. 4th of July 2012
We had fun watching the fire works that evening too. After Pumpkin got reacquainted with them, she got all excited and exclaimed, "Mommy, that's the biggest firework I ever sawed." 4th of July 2012 4th of July 2012
I had the blessing of spending time with a few friends while at Gigi's. I got to meet with this absolute sweetheart on Monday. We can always pick up right where we left off when we haven't seen each other in ages. Love her alot! Meeting with a Friend
 Then there are these two! They are quite a pair and I love them dearly. You must know that since they are always pictured after a trip to Gigi's. Fun times and memories! I have to give a shout out to Gigi for watching the girls for me so I could see these friends. Thank you so much!
The girls and I picked out new flowers to put on Mimi and Uncle Scott's grave. The girls picked their favorite colors for Mimi, pink and purple. It was a bright arrangement but turned out really pretty. I know she was smiling down from Heaven at them.
 New Flowers New Flowers
We had a wonderful time with Gigi. We got treated to a few very special dinners with some really wonderful people. We got to rest and relax and play. Thank you Gigi for a great week!

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