Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Cousins Came! (Day Three)

Our last full day with the family was filled to the brim.  Right after lunch one of my nieces, my two sisters-in-law, Dobbie, and I headed out to hit some antique shops for a while. It was fun showing off some of the fun stores in town.

After our shopping trip we met up with the rest of the crew and took them to the university's art museum.  I do have to share this picture because it will forever be one of those, "Remember when..." moments for us.  When we walked inside the museum the little girls were rubbing hand sanitizer into their hands and we got into trouble.  We were literally shooed out to the bathroom to get our hands washed before allowed back in.  Our group was also very closely watched the entire time we were there.  I guess we looked pretty suspicious.  Ha! DSC09047
This was Peanut's favorite painting. I told her that she could probably make something very similar at home to which she exclaimed, "I don't have enough colors!" DSC09049
Aren't these two the cutest? They are such good buddies! DSC09051
Too much art for this one.
We hit up the fountain outside when we were finished for the ultimate family picture session.  Here is the silly picture of all the cousins together.
And then all of us!
 DSC09068 DSC09080 DSC09082
We spent the evening at Dobbie and Papa's again for a delicious supper and just hanging out. We also took a moment to have an all around birthday celebration. Since we don't live near each other, we don't get to celebrate birthdays with each other so we did just that with a birthday bash together. There were decorations, cupcakes, and ice cream! Celebrate we did!
Daddy, his brother, and sister have been faithfully working on a project that involves a line in their genealogy that took place during the Civil War. They spent as much time as they could talking and planning while together. DSC09099
I have to take a moment and talk about our one and only nephew. He is 15. Most 15 year old boys that I know want nothing to do with little kids. This is not the case with him! The little girls LOVE him and want to play with him all of the time. Instead of complaining and being upset, he plays with them. He chases them, plays hide and seek, wrestles with them, teases them and so on. He does it with a smile on his face and joy in his heart. THEY ADORE HIM! He is amazing with them. The girls are so blessed with a bunch of great girl cousins and one special boy cousin. DSC09055
(Pumpkin kept calling him, "That boy!")

What a great time we had. Peanut got the extra special treat of camping out in her bedroom with her sweet little cousin. That just topped it all off for her.
On Saturday morning when everyone headed out, that little girl sleeping with Peanut ran back up Dobbie and Papa's steps, threw her arms around Pumpkin and said, "I just can't take all this cuteness!"  Pumpkin later in the day was standing at the window, looking out, and calling for her cousins.  Good-byes are the hardest part of the times when we see each other.  We sure love our family! 

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