Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Cousins Came! (Day One)

Peanut and Pumpkin's cousins, aunts, and uncle descended on our town last week for 3 days and it was AWESOME but not long enough.  We had so much fun showing off of our town because if you didn't already know it, we really do love it.  We had even more fun just being with our family.  We don't get to see them very often since we are all spread out so it makes these times even more special.

I just uploaded a bazillion pictures and since this is our blog filled with memories for our daughters, I'm going to break the visit down into three posts so I can add lots of pictures.

Daddy's sister and her 3 beautiful girls got to our apartment in the wee hours of the morning after Pumpkin and Peanut were sound asleep on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  The next morning after Pumpkin was up and at 'em, I had the youngest cousin go upstairs with me to wake Peanut up.  I quietly woke her up and said, "Do you remember who is here?"  LIKE A LIGHTNING BOLT, she jumped out of bed to find her sweet cousin and threw her arms around her neck and gave her the biggest hug ever!  It was awesome!

After making her way downstairs to see everyone else, Peanut got to sign her cousin's cast. She and her mom, Daddy's sister were in a bad car accident a month ago. We are so thankful there were no more injuries than broken bones. We are so very thankful for God's protective care over them. DSC08984
Later in the day Daddy's brother, his incredible wife, and their four awesome kids arrived at Dobbie and Papa's house.  We gave them a bit of a breather then headed out.  We took them to our town's top pizza place which was ranked as the best pizza in our great state according to USA Today and of the top 9 pizzerias in the country according to People.  We think it is pretty yummy too and so did our visitors.  DSC08986 DSC08988
 Daddy and Papa had a go at the last two pieces of pizza after eating...let's just say...several pieces. DSC08992
Next we headed on campus to take everyone bowling at the student union. DSC08999
Even the littles got in on the action.
These two had a bit of a disadvantage in bowling. They had to bowl left handed but still did really well.
The girls' youngest cousin really took to Pumpkin. She followed her all over and mothered her and smothered her with kisses. DSC08995
Some of the family took in billiards after bowling because they just couldn't get enough. ;)
After all of this fun we took the family to the observatory to see Saturn. This is such a cool thing that everyone enjoyed.

And then we called it a night! We were all pooped and ready for some rest.

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