Monday, July 30, 2012

Partying with the Family

Peanut's birthday was on Saturday and we had a grand time.  We had some special out of town visitors that made for some serious excitement for Peanut and Pumpkin!  We did it up for our special 6 year old!

She started her day with her favorite breakfast food...blueberry pancakes.  She was thrilled!
 Peanut Turns 6!
Later in the day the party got started!
Peanut Turns 6!
Peanut wanted chicken taquitos, corn on the cob and watermelon for her birthday meal so I certainly did my part for her in that area.  (I also made our favorite couscous salad.)   She also wanted a camping theme for her birthday. I tried to decorate that way a little for our family party but it was hard since we were in our tiny apartment. We were able to do that more at her friend party on Sunday. (pics to come)
 Peanut Turns 6!
She was thoroughly blessed by this special group who love her so much! She got girl Legos, lots of things for her American Girl doll, new clothes, and some other great stuff.
 Peanut Turns 6! Peanut Turns 6!
Gigi found a really great deal on this cheerleading mat, dvd, and pompoms! The girls have had so much fun with it already and it is so cute watching them do the cheers.
 Peanut Turns 6!Peanut Turns 6!
Someone else in our house was really excited about all of the new Legos too although this is his first experience with girl Legos.
 Peanut Turns 6!
Peanut also picked to have cupcakes for her family party. I used this yummy recipe to jazz up a white cake from a box and turn them into really good strawberry cupcakes with the best frosting! Peanut Turns 6!
I did not do well taking pics of anyone other than Peanut and Pumpkin on Saturday so these are the only pictures I have to share. Peanut Turns 6!
The photo credit for the next one goes to Peanut who took it at the park with my camera!
 Peanut Turns 6!
I also wanted to share a super cute thing Peanut got in the mail earlier in the week from Dobbie and Papa. Dobbie knew that Peanut was having a camping theme and since she loves camping, Dobbie found this adorable tent and camping gear for her doll! It is adorable!
Peanut Turns 6!
And this is what I came downstairs too after I had put the girls to bed on Saturday! Life has come full circle for him.
 Peanut Turns 6!

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