Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cooler Weather Calls for a Trip to the Zoo

Finally our triple digit temperatures cooled down to double digit temperatures.  This past Friday it was an overcast, much cooler day so I decided we need to go to the zoo.  We have been wanting to go all summer and have been so busy then the HOT weather struck.  The zoo and 100 degree weather just don't sound like a lot of fun.   The girls and I spent 5 hours at the zoo and had a ball.
Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo
I think that this trip was the most fun with Pumpkin yet. She loved the animals and got so excited over each one. She would squeal in delight! Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo
There's nothing quite like watching a huge predatory animal stalking you with only a plate of glass between you and it.
 Cooler Day...Off to the ZooDSC09138
The girls loved the polar bear. Usually when we go, he is napping and trying to keep cool. You could tell he was thankful for the cooler temps too because he was up and walking around.
Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo
We took in the dog show too. Pumpkin was hot and not happy about sitting still that long. Peanut on the other hand loved it!
 Cooler Day...Off to the ZooCooler Day...Off to the Zoo
We got to see a one year old baby elephant which was pretty neat. We had just missed the 3 week old one, though.
Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo
We had a good day together! We're trying to squeeze as much out of this summer as we can before Peanut starts school. That's a whole other blog post that I am not ready to talk about yet.
 Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo

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